About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Keeley and I’m an 18 year old girl from Australia. I started my blog in January 2017 and it is about lifestyle, beauty, thoughts & hobbies.

10 Random Facts About Me:

1. I have a twin named Magali.

2. I’m vegetarian by choice and I hate cruelty to animals.

3. I am studying law at university – I can’t decide between the areas of human, environmental or animal rights.

4. My favourite food is chocolate.

5. My favourite colour is blue.

6. My favourite animal is a panda.

7. I’m a neat freak and I love to organise.

8. My birthday is the 16th of November and therefore my zodiac sign is Scorpio.

9. My biggest fear is death but I also have a fear of spiders, snakes and sharks.

10. I’m a feminist and I support lgbt+ rights.

Feel free to comment any suggestions/feedback or contact me as I’m very happy to reply 🙂