About Me & My Blog

Hey guys! My name is Keeley 🙂

I am inspiring you to lead a productive, healthy lifestyle and to change your thoughts for the better.

Facts About Me:

  • I am 18 years old
  • I live in Sydney, Australia
  • I am a vegetarian and love experimenting with different variations of meals
  • I am studying at university to become an environmental/human rights lawyer
  • I support environmental and social justice
  • I am a feminist and support LGBT+ rights
  • I love to organise and create lists
  • I started my blog in 2017

Lifestyle Posts:

These are about inspiring you to improve the way in which you live in the areas of productivity and health.

  • My productivity posts aim to give you tips and motivation for being efficient and productive.
  • My health posts provide food and exercise ideas to inspire you to be more healthy or to do something a different way (such as vegetarian substitutions).

Thoughts Posts:

These posts are about inspiring you to improve your outlook and perspectives in the areas of deep & inspiring and products.

  • My deep & inspiring posts discuss societal issues or give ways of improving your mindset on life or about yourself.
  • My products posts capture my opinions of beneficial goods or services to use.

Feel free to comment any suggestions/feedback or contact me as I’m very happy to reply!