Review on Depop – The Buying and Selling App

August 30, 2020

Depop is an app that allows you to buy items from and sell items to people all over the world. These items are mainly second-hand fashion pieces, but you can also find handmade products or non-fashion items, such as technology and books. I have used Depop multiple times; starting with purchases from my internet friend Sammy (check out her Instagram and Depop!). Often I will get inspiration from regular shops and then check out Depop to see if I can get the same or a similar item with the benefits mentioned below! I have also recently put clothes up for sale on my Depop account, so check it out if you live in Australia (the most expensive item is only $15!). I just had to share my positive review on Depop with the hope that you will use and love it too!


One of the main things I love about Depop is that you are supporting sustainable shopping, whether you are buying or selling. You are most likely giving a new life to items that would’ve been thrown away or unused, just like with items from a physical thrift store. A lot of the time these items are from popular shops or brands and are in almost-perfect condition. By buying or selling these items on Depop, you are reducing the demand for fast consumerism and decreasing the amount of items in landfill.

Accessible and Easy to Use:

Since Depop is online, you can use it from the comfort of your home or wherever else you have a device with you. You can simply create an account that is accessible from any device with the app installed on it. In general, the features are very easy to use and it resembles a social media platform that most of us are familiar with. Of particular note is the searching feature, as you can easily enter a description of the item you want to find and add filters, including location. I like how new items will pop up in your feed, like social media, and there is a messaging feature to clarify anything with sellers and buyers.

Trustworthy and Safe:

It may appear like an app that results in a lot of scamming since it relies on exchanges between individuals without an overseer. However, there is actually buyer and seller protection within the app to stop exploitation from happening. The only successful scams that have occurred with Depop are when buyers or sellers will do the exchange outside of the app to avoid fees. These fees are there to ensure your protection from scammers, so only exchange outside of the app if you are 100% sure that the other person can be trusted.

Safety on Depop

Enables you to Buy Affordable Items:

Since the items sold on Depop are either second-hand or handmade, they are a lot cheaper than new items! You can get so many good deals for items that are most likely in good condition (if not, then the price should reflect the poorer quality). This is especially great when you want to buy high-end or typically-expensive brands as they are a lot more affordable than retail price (I got the Adidas shirt and floral skirt in the cover photo and below for $10 each!). Shipping is usually around the same price as other online shops, but your total price should still be very reasonable for what you are getting!

Enables you to Sell Unwanted Items to Make Money:

As well as being able to buy items on Depop, you can also sell them. This is great because you can get rid of items that you no longer need or want whilst making some money from them. It’s also great to know that someone is actually finding a use for your unwanted items. You could even use the money that you make to buy items on Depop that you actually want! It may be a bit of a hassle to take photos, write descriptions and sort out the shipping of items, but I believe that it is worth it for the money and decluttering.

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