Things to Include in your Morning Routine

August 9, 2020

There are things that we should all be doing routinely in the morning to improve our mindset for the rest of the day and to start the day off productively. I’m am not focusing on obvious things like brushing your teeth or getting dressed, but more about things that you might not think to establish as a habit every morning that you really should.

This post is a collab with the kind Emmanuella from BeautyandBows! We decided to each do a post about the morning so she has written one on productivity in the morning. So check out her blog post after reading mine, and follow her on Instagram ๐Ÿ™‚

Hydrate Yourself:

Hydration is something that a lot of people struggle to maintain. It is a good idea to start the day right by drinking water as soon as possible and creating it as a habit in the morning. I’d highly recommend filling up your water bottle as a part of this to encourage you to bring it with you throughout the day.

Hype Yourself Up for the Day:

It is important to start the day with a positive mindset and attitude to boost your achievements everyday. There are many ways of doing this, but I thought it would be useful to elaborate on the most common ways of hyping yourself up for the day.

Positive Affirmations:

Positive affirmations are the best way to feel confident in yourself and what you can achieve during the rest of the day. They are intended to be said aloud, but it can still make a difference if you say them in your head and try to truly believe them. They can be ones explicitly about the rest of the day, such as “today is going to be a great day”, or more implicit ones about what you are capable of, such as “I can conquer anything that I set my mind to”.

Motivational Podcasts:

Listening to a motivational podcast will set you up for a day of success as you intake words of encouragement. You can even listen to it whilst you do other things in your morning routine to save time! There are a range of good ones out there, but I personally like ‘The Mindset Mentor‘ and TED talks that focus on motivational topics.

Upbeat Music:

Sometimes playing some upbeat music early on will pump you up for a positive day (and maybe wake you up a bit!). Of course, you can add singing and/or dancing to this for an extra boost of good vibes! You could create your own upbeat playlist or search for some that others have already created.

Inspirational Quotes:

Hyping yourself up for the day can also be as simple as reading some inspirational quotes. This will definitely put you in a positive mood and, like positive affirmations, can make you feel good about yourself. You can find some great ones on Pinterest in particular and you can search for specific types of quotes if you really need to read something.

Delay Going on Technology:

There is a massive temptation to instantly reach for your phone or other devices to check out the notifications that have backed up overnight. However, this shouldn’t be acted upon as you could get caught up with things on your device and neglect doing your morning routine. It also might set up your reliance on technology or non-productive tasks for the rest of the day as it is easier to delay something first rather than stopping it afterwards.

Let Fresh Air in:

Letting fresh air in is just a nice way of making you feel refreshed and getting rid of the stuffiness in your space. You may even get some enjoyable smells or animal sounds to connect you with nature and uplift you. I usually like to open my window straight after rolling up my blinds and then closing it right before I leave for the day.

Make your Bed:

As I mentioned in my post on ‘How to Wake Up Earlier‘, making your bed will make you less likely to go back into it because it looks less cosy and you won’t want to ruin the work you just did. It is also a good idea to do because it’s a small, easy thing that makes you feel productive for the rest of the day and contributes to a clear mind.

Light Exercise:

Doing some light exercise in the morning is a great habit to get into. It could just be some yoga or a short workout that makes you feel good about yourself for the rest of the day. It is also beneficial as if you feel too tired later in the day, you have already done the necessary task of exercising.

Delay Eating Breakfast:

I wrote about it in my ‘How to Eat Less Food in a Day‘ post, but it is a good idea to restrict your eating hours through eating breakfast a couple of hours after waking up. It might be hard to do if you have to leave early, but even if you just make breakfast the last thing you do in your morning routine it will benefit you.

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