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What we can Learn from the Coronavirus Pandemic

August 2, 2020

This pandemic is undoubtedly horrific for killing thousands of people and disrupting many lives and countries. However, just like with most negative situations, we can positively see it as a learning experience that can help us improve in the future. It is important that when this pandemic is over, we strive for a new normal that resolves all of the problems the coronavirus highlighted. Post-coronavirus, we also need to remember gratitude that we are not experiencing the virus’ negative effects. I hope this post shifts the focus to a more positive and hopeful outlook of this crazy situation.

You Don’t Need That Much Toilet Paper:

Most of us experienced a shortage of toilet paper as a strange effect of the virus. By being forced to conserve our toilet paper usage, it reminds us that we often don’t need as much as we would normally use. Obviously there were certain times when you needed more than available, but most times you probably grab a lot without even thinking about how much you actually need.

This can apply to basically everything we use or consume; we should only use resources that we actually need, rather than overconsuming unnnecessarily. This will be cheaper and more environmentally friendly as well because you will slow down your purchases and consumption of products. So, get into the habit of conserving before you need to and not overusing unnecessarily.

Hygiene Shouldn’t Be Neglected:

Hygiene has clearly been a big part of reducing the spread of coronavirus. Of course the extent of it is tailored for a pandemic, but it still makes you think about the transference of germs and less serious sicknesses from place to place. It is always useful to carry around a little bottle of hand sanitiser in your bag and to cough or sneeze into your arm. Washing your hands should also be done frequently and properly to prevent cross-contamination of certain substances, such as raw meat and cooked meat. Don’t stop thinking about hygiene just because there isn’t a pandemic.

Social Interactions are Essential:

Going into self-isolation has really highlighted that we thrive on social interactions and physical connections with others. I am grateful that online video calling exists so that I could still keep in touch with my friends, but it was definitely not the same! We all need to properly appreciate the ability to speak to people in person, to hug friends and family and to not feel lonely.

Be Selfless:

The essential workers in this pandemic continue to show use selflessness as they help others at the risk of their own personal safety. Additionally, those of us that do follow restrictions are doing it for the vulnerable members in our society, even if the virus might not be deadly for us. It’s actions like these that truly remind us of the value of selfless acts. This is especially important if you have some form of privilege in our society. So, if there is ever an opportunity to do something with only the benefit to others, then please take it to help other people and to improve our society.

Be Proactive:

I am hoping that most people, particularly those in positions of power, will now know to prepare for another pandemic, just in case another one unfortunately comes. We should also just generally be proactive for unforeseen circumstances in our lives. From having some extra money saved up to creating a natural disaster plan, there is something we can all do to make sure we are better prepared for unfortunate situations. It doesn’t have to be the most airtight plan, but it is better than getting to the situation and being completely clueless.

Society needs Long Term Changes:

This pandemic has definitely addressed some major problems in society. One of the reasons this has arisen is because of inequalities from the virus. This includes unequal access to healthcare or higher death rates of minorities. Another reason is because people have more time from self-isolation to educate themselves on these problems and support movements against them. I believe this is why George Floyd’s death has really accelerated the Black Lives Movement. Also, lifestyle and economic changes have showed us how we can start to fix these problems. Particularly, the environment has been positively impacted in some regards, such as less emissions being produced by transport.

We need to make sure that these societal problems are resolved alongside the coronavirus pandemic. We also need to ensure that the positive social changes that we are working towards continue in the long term.

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