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How to Find Yourself

July 19, 2020

We all have moments where we feel a bit lost about who we are or moments where we want to find our true selves. In fact, it is a constant process to find yourself as you are constantly exposed to new things that you either endure, accept or reject as a part of yourself and your life. However, there should always be a true self that you are coming back to and strengthening, rather than trying to be someone else. This post will provide you with some more tangible tasks or ways of thinking to help you get closer to the best version of yourself. Maybe even get out your bullet journal or whatever you use to write reflective things down and consider these points about your own self.

This post is actually in collaboration with the lovely Mills, who is a 18 year old blogger from the UK. So after you have read my post, I highly recommend reading her take on this wonderful topic here.

Acknowledge your Positives and Negatives:

There have been many times in your life when you have been presented with the things that are positive and negative about yourself. You need to be able to recognise your strengths and not be modest about them. You equally need to acknowledge your weaknesses and figure out whether you can reduce the extent of their negative impact or learn to accept them. Be honest with yourself about your capabilities and what you can do with them.

Pay Attention to your Emotions:

You will find that when new situations are presented to you, your body will exhibit your genuine feelings towards it, or your “gut feeling”. Sometimes you can forget to observe your emotions as you are holding onto a hope that you can “fake it till you make it”. It is not worth spending your time and energy on career paths, activities or people that don’t make you feel genuinely happy and will therefore not shape yourself positively.

Experiment with Different Things that Take your Interest:

A great way to find yourself is to try a variety of things and see what resonates with you (this is where you can pay attention to your emotions!). This will narrow down your passions and what makes you feel good. I specify that you need to have at least a slight interest in it before doing it as you don’t want to waste your time with the billions of different things in the world! These things could include hobbies, sports, career paths, areas of knowledge and even people (different people have different impacts on yourself).

Find Positive Labels for Yourself:

Determining positive labels that encapsulate who you are will give you a more tangible way of finding yourself. As I said in my post on societal labels, there are labels that you fulfil or give yourself that are positive to you, such as feminist or gay. There are also other smaller labels that you could use to express your true self, such as tree-hugger or dog-lover.

Spend Time Alone:

Sometimes other people’s projections of themselves can cloud our true selves, so it can be beneficial to spend some time alone to properly get to know yourself (a good thing about self-isolation!). This could include bullet journaling (as I already suggested), meditating or just doing things that you would normally do by yourself.

Expand your View of Yourself:

As important as it is to focus on who you are right now, it is equally necessary to think about what your future could look like and what your true potential is. You should remove any preconceived barriers that place a limit on yourself and be open to ways that you can improve yourself (as long as you are not changing from your true self). Think about who you could be in the realms of what you have already achieved and write goals about your ambitions and your ideal version of yourself.

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