How to Wake Up Earlier

June 21, 2020

Waking up earlier is beneficial as it extends the amount of time you have in a day to be productive. There is so much you can achieve in a morning if you can actually get the motivation to get out of bed at an earlier time! I have comprised my top tips for waking up earlier to help you start your productivity earlier and to pack more things into your day.

Wet your Face:

Whether it is a mist spray, tap water or shower water, it is a good idea to spray something onto your face to awaken your eyes and subsequently your body. I like to keep the Sukin mist toner on my bedside table and when my alarm goes off, I spray it on my face to instantly feel more awake.

Let Light into your Room:

By turning on a light or letting the sunshine in, you are notifying your body that it is day time and therefore not the time to be sleeping anymore. However, you might want to slowly open your eyes after flicking the switch or opening the blinds or curtains to let them adjust to the drastic change in lighting!

Use an Alarm and No Pressing Snooze:

This is quite obvious, but using an alarm allows you to calculate the earlier time that you want to wake up at and in what way; you could use a sound effect, tune or song to wake you up. The alarm is only truly effective though if you resist the urge to press snooze from telling yourself you only need 5 more minutes! In the early stages of creating a habit of waking up earlier, hitting snooze is okay but you do not want that to form part of your habit.

Place your Alarm out of Arm’s Reach:

If you are really struggling to not press snooze, it could be worth trying to place your alarm out of arm’s reach. This forces you to get out of bed to turn your alarm off which gets your body moving and awakening.

Make your Bed Straight Away:

The quicker you make your bed after getting out of it, the less likely you will be inclined to get back in it! This is because it looks less cosy when the duvet is tightly tucked in and when there are decorative pillows in the way, and because you will feel less inclined to ruin the work you have just put into making your bed.

Go to Sleep Earlier:

It will be so much easier to wake up earlier if you actually get enough sleep! It is recommended that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and by doing this you will be less tired in the morning, so it will be easier to wake up earlier.

Do it Gradually:

You cannot expect to suddenly wake up really early if you normally wake up quite late, even if you follow all of my other tips. Instead, you should set your alarm back in 15 or 30 minute intervals and you must achieve waking up at each time for a few days or a week before going back further.

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