Tips for Creating Good Habits

April 20, 2020

Creating good habits is the best way to improve productivity as you are able to regularly and consistently do things. You are also able to spend less time being unmotivated as you feel inclined to stick to the schedule, whether written down or not, that you have set for yourself. I am sharing with you guys my best tips for creating good habits which you can hopefully implement into your lives to increase your productivity 🙂

Set Timers or Alarms/Reminders:

The best way of establishing habits is to either set timers to mark out how long you are going to achieve something productive for or set alarms/reminders to remind yourself to start doing something productive.

For timers, this is mainly focused on habits that are hard to obtain due to a lack of motivation. I find it useful to set a timer for 10 minutes and decide to work productively for that period of time since it seems very achievable. Then I find that after the 10 minutes is up, I usually still feel like working on what I was doing since I now have the momentum from just beginning it. This leads to being able to fulfil the whole time frame of the habit that I had set for myself.

For alarms/reminders, this is focused predominantly towards habits that you keep forgetting to implement or that are to do with managing your time in a day. Some examples of this includes waking up earlier, posting a blog post or cleaning that section of the house that you keep forgetting about!

The idea is that after a certain period of time you won’t need these timers or alarms/reminders because it will feel natural to do these productive things consistently as a habit.

Use Apps:

To help put all of your reminders for habits into one place, it might be a good idea to use an app. This is useful since you’ll always have it with you on any of your devices and there are usually so many design features to help coordinate your habits. Some examples include ‘Productive – Habit Tracker’ or simply whatever calendar app you already have.

Pick your Time Frame:

Don’t forget to consider whether these habits will be every day, every second day, once a week; it is whatever you want as long as it is consistent. It is easier to establish habits on a daily basis but sometimes you don’t need to do these productive things everyday so you can train your body to recognise when the “relaxing” days are.

Do it in Steps:

You can’t expect to plan a super productive daily schedule containing many habits that you want to do and suddenly be able to achieve it perfectly every day afterwards! It will take some time for you to get used to doing these productive things before you can repeat them perfectly and create a habit. For example, if you are currently waking up at 9am and want to wake up at 7am, then try starting with an alarm at 8:30am and gradually go down by 30 minute increments until you can comfortably put an alarm for 7am and actually wake up at that time. Then it will be easier to create the habit and you’ll be less likely to give up.

Give Yourself Rewards:

Like with most strategies for productivity, it is valid to reward yourself for hard work (in moderation!). This is the same with establishing habits as you can tell yourself that if, for example, you exercise for an hour in the evening everyday, you can get a reward of eating some chocolate at the end of the week.

Account for Exterior Factors:

It is super important to remember that things will happen that are out of your control which will ruin your habit-making. I urge you to not feel disheartened and to keep going no matter how many days you missed as you can still get back on track with it. There are many examples of exterior factors but the main ones to consider are sickness, travelling or one-off events that are at the same time as a habit you were making.

Repetition is Key:

It is obvious that habits require repetition but I want to emphasise that habits take at least 2 weeks to successfully implement into your life so just keep going, I believe in you!

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  • adenadanvers April 20, 2020 at 10:04 pm

    All of these are great tips! This was such a useful post, and I can’t wait to start creating good habits!

    • Keeley April 21, 2020 at 10:13 am

      Thanks Adena, hope you are able to create some good habits! <3

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