Bedroom Decor Essentials

March 22, 2020

Your bedroom is basically your little space in the world where you can relax and spend time doing the things you enjoy. So it is important to design your bedroom with decor items that you enjoy looking at or surrounding yourself with, or that represent yourself! I will be sharing things that I enjoy having in my room which I believe everyone should have but in their own unique way.


I find it looks really nice to have some books arranged on a bookshelf or on a table in your room and it’s functional too, as you have easy access to them! In my room, I have stacked my non-fictional books upwards in size order, lined up all of my fictional books on a bookshelf and placed the books I’m currently reading on my bedside table under a decor item.


Plants are a great decor item for your room as there are so many plant species and pot styles that you are bound to find at least one perfect combination for your room’s aesthetic and your personal preference. Additionally, plants are known to improve the air quality of a room and some have lovely scents which would definitely improve the atmosphere of your space.


Themed Items:

The best way to execute the aesthetic of your room is to have a few items that are all under the same theme which tie the whole room together. For example, my bedroom has a beach theme as there are quite a few beach decor items, such as a treasure chest box, beach sign and glass ornaments filled with starfish, shells and sand. This theme doesn’t have to be too specific, it could even be a colour scheme or pattern that you ensure is reoccurring in the decor items of your room.


What better way to personalise your room then to have cute photos that you can reminisce on or draw inspiration from! This could include photos you have personally taken of yourself, your friends and family or any others, or it could be photos that you’ve found online that match your aesthetic or are empowering. There are also endless possibilities of arranging them in your room, such as sticking them directly on your wall, putting them in frames or pegging them onto string.

Photo in Frame


Some form of art piece, such as a painting or a sculpture, in your room is a must as it’s enjoyable to look at and it can literally be anything you want to encompass your personality or match your aesthetic. If you are feeling creative, you can even create some art yourself which can make you feel accomplished every time you glance at it!


You have got to have at least one decorative pillow! They make your bed (or any other furniture you place them on) look very put-together and sophisticated, and obviously they have the functional use of being a place to rest your head or relax on.

Decorative Pillows

Fairy Lights:

Who doesn’t love fairy lights?! They make any part of your room look cool and there are so many colours and designs that allow you to choose the perfect one for you!

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