My University Preparation

February 24, 2020

My classes of my first year of university start tomorrow! If you didn’t already know, I am studying a Bachelor of Laws with flexible zone and elective units relating to human, environmental and animal rights as those are the areas of law that I am passionate about. This semester I will be studying two law units and two flexible zone units which I’m very excited about! Since there is a lot to prepare for uni and it is a bit different to other levels of school, I thought it would be good to share my preparation for it 🙂

Attend O-Week:

O-Week (short for Orientation Week) is a good time to meet new people, become familiar with the campus, learn about societies and extra curricular activities and get tips about uni all before classes have started! I found it really helpful to prepare as I was able to locate where all of my classes were and get loads of information about studying effectively and resources available at my university. I also went to a few fun events, such as a party at the uni bar with my friends, which prepared me for the social side of uni life.


I actually only needed to go shopping for a bag for uni as I already owned everything else I needed. I bought a black handbag from Colette that I can fit my laptop, water bottle and anything else I could possibly need!

Checking Transport Times:

My journey to uni involves a 20 minute walk to the station, a short train ride and an even shorter metro ride (and the other way around on the way back). A quick step of my preparation for uni was figuring out which train and metro I would catch, mainly on the way there so I am not late, but also on the way back. 

Planning Meals:

It is important that I plan my meals as otherwise I will spend all of my money at the food places on campus or in the shopping centre nearby! Since my uni days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for semester 1, I intend to cook up a big batch of something, such as chickpea patties with salad mix, on Monday nights and eat them for my lunch at uni with accompanying snacks,  such as fruit. 

Planning Outfits:

This is super helpful for me as without knowing what I am going to wear the next day I will be sacrificing up to 30 minutes of my morning routine trying to decide on an outfit! For my first day I plan to wear this yellow shirt from Jay Jays and these white denim shorts from Supre with whatever shoes and accessories I feel like on the day 🙂

Study Prep:

I needed to complete any tasks that I have been told to do before classes, such as pre-readings. I have also created a list on Microsoft To Do with each of my units as a “task” and then each of my things to do as a “step” under the matching “task” so I can keep track of the study I need to do for all units.

Pack Bag:

Obviously I will be packing all of the things I need to bring with my to uni in my handbag. This mainly includes my laptop, purse, lunch boxes, water bottle, stationery and a pad of paper, but there are a few other small things that I am bringing, such as tissues.

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