England Trip 2020 – Part 2

February 23, 2020

This post is the second part of my recent trip to England so, if you haven’t already, I strongly suggest reading the first part before you read this post 🙂

On Saturday the 1st of February my sister and I packed our things in preparation for going to York by train. Before getting on the train, we had lunch in Scarborough with our granny of vegetarian “toad in the hole” (Yorkshire puddings with vegetarian sausages and gravy). Once in York, we met up with our nana (who had come across from Wales) at a Travelodge and settled into our room while catching up. Then we went to Pizza Express for dinner and met up with one of our cousins from our dad’s side for the first time which was so cool.

The 2nd of February was spent exploring York. We all went to a cafe called ‘Lucky Days’ where I ate some delicious pancakes for breakfast. Magali and I “dropped” our nana off at ‘Waterstones’ before we both wandered around the area (she preferred to look at books and go to the cafe there instead). We went to the Shambles and all of the shops in the area where I bought 3 more books from charity shops! (I must get my book obsession from nana!). Next was the York Minster which we walked around to admire all of the stunning architecture. We had a quick walk along the city wall which was pretty cool too. Nana came back with us to the hotel room where we relaxed for a bit before going out for a nice dinner at ‘Joe’s Kitchen’ (I got a veggie burger and chips).

On Monday, our nana left early to go back to Wales and we stayed chilling out in the room until our train to Leeds just before midday. Once we arrived, we checked into Doubletree Hilton Hotel (where another cousin of ours works) and went up to the Sky Lounge for a drink with him. After this we went bowling and then back to his place to listen to music and have more drinks. His girlfriend came over and we all went to an arcade place which included us playing the super fun virtual reality Mario Kart! We had a pizza for dinner at ‘Mod Pizza’ and came back to the Sky Lounge for more drinks with a cool view.


The 4th of February began with the tasty included breakfast buffet at the hotel. We checked out at 12pm but still had a few hours to spend in Leeds before our train so we spent them going ice skating with our cousin and grabbing a burrito from ‘Tortilla’ in ‘Trinity Kitchen’. We arrived back in Kings Cross Station in the evening and met up with our aunty for some very delicious vegan burgers from ‘Neat Burger’ for dinner. Then we went to Sotheby’s (our aunty works there) and watched an auction. It was really fascinating to experience the selling of expensive art pieces in person!

On Wednesday Magali and I got up to so much fun! Our dad kindly bought us this thing called a London Pass which enabled him to pay a certain amount so we could get into cool places in London for “free” or at a discounted price for 3 days. So our London Pass days began with us visiting the Tower of London. It was really amazing to see the famous Crown Jewels, walk along the outside wall and look at and go into the White Tower. We had vegan burgers and chips at ‘Gourmet Burger Kitchen’ for lunch which was tasty. Next up was viewing and going up the wonderful Tower Bridge! I really love the design of the bridge and the bright blue details on it, plus it had nice views from the top. We also went up the Monument which had some lovely views too. Just before sunset we went up the Shard – the tallest building in the UK! We found a sitting spot right in front of a section of window and enjoyed the sun going down. When it was dark, we both bought drinks and continued enjoying London from this height. This was my favourite day in London!

Thursday the 6th began with seeing Buckingham Palace and some British soldiers marching and riding horses. We also had a glance at the artworks in the Queen’s Gallery which was fascinating. Lunch was a quick vegan sausage roll and vegan steak pie from ‘Greggs’ – so good! We admired Westminster Abbey from the inside and outside, particularly the stunning glass panes in the building (unfortunately I couldn’t take any photos inside to show you guys). The pass included a cruise along the Thames so we decided to hop on from Westminster Pier to Tower Pier which was super nice. We then walked to St Paul’s Cathedral to marvel at some more incredible architecture on the interior and exterior which also involved climbing up the building to get some more good views.

The 7th of February had a bit of a bad start as we were intending to do a bike tour covered under the London Pass, but the company wasn’t open that day for some unknown reason. Instead we went on a bus tour which covered a lot of places we had already seen, but was still nice as the centre of London is such a cool place to be! Later on, we went to the ArcelorMittal Orbit slide as our last London Pass activity and it was quite fun. We had lunch from the food court at the nearest Westfield and went shopping where I bought a bodysuit, pair of jeans and fluffy socks from Primark. Our aunty, uncle and cousin then joined us for some delicious curries from ‘Cinnamon’ on Brick Lane.

The next day started with watching our cousin at his parkour lesson which was really cool! When we got back, some family friends came over for an amazing lunch of vegetarian roast, roasted veggies and Yorkshire puddings. In the evening, Magali and I got dressed up to go on a pub crawl! We went to 5 different pubs and had lots of fun having drinks and dancing.

On Sunday, we went with our aunty, uncle and cousin to a contemporary brunch at Sotheby’s. It was a really nice experience to see a lot of artworks whilst eating lovely food and drink. The rest of the day was spent having quality time playing games with our cousin since it was raining.


The 10th of February began with exploring Camden Markets with our aunty. We bought some gifts for our parents and enjoyed having a look at all of the lovely markets. We had a bubble waffle with chocolate sauce from a place near the markets and then a delicious lunch of vegan burgers and chips from ‘Dirty Vegan’. Our aunty left us to go back to work and Magali and I went to Kew Gardens. We caught up with one of our aunties and cousin from our mum’s side whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery in the gardens.

On the following day we had to get up early to go back home so we sadly said goodbye to our aunty, uncle and cousin. Then we went on our flight to Abu Dhabi followed by a flight to Australia. It was really nice to hug our family and see our dog now that we were home but I will definitely miss England!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about my travels and I’d love to hear about your last amazing trip in the comments! 🙂

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