England Trip 2020 – Part 1

February 16, 2020

My twin sister Magali and I went on an amazing trip to England for just over 3 weeks in January and February! We had so much fun visiting relatives and seeing lots of cool landmarks and places so I thought it would be nice to share what we got up to on this trip 🙂 I split it into two parts as there is too much to fit into one post!

On Saturday the 18th of January we caught a 10pm flight to Abu Dhabi which took over 14 hours. The next day we caught an 8am flight (Abu Dhabi time) to London for over 7 hours. Our aunty and uncle picked us up from the airport and we came back to our cousin and the their cat called Google. We spent the rest of the night settling into their house and celebrating our arrival. It was so nice to see them all again!

On Monday we wandered around the city with our aunty and uncle which included getting free Magnum Ruby icecreams, visiting Tate Modern to view two exhibitions (it was free since my aunty works in the art industry) and having a nice lunch at a vegetarian buffet place called ‘Tibits’. Later in the day we saw the famous Sherlock Holmes house at 221B Baker Street; it was so cool to see it in person! For dinner, we had a lovely meal at ‘Soho House’ with my aunty and her assistant.

On the 21st of January we went shopping on Oxford Street where I bought a grey beanie from ‘Topshop’ and one grey pair and one black pair of gloves from ‘H&M’. We met up with our aunty for lunch at a vegan place called ‘By Chloe’ where my sister and I shared some delicious avocado pasta and a burger and chips. My sister and I then wandered to some iconic places including Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, St James Park, Leicester Square and Covent Garden which were wonderful. We also found a street with my name nearby!

The next day was mainly spent jogging around the lovely Hyde Park and viewing the wonderful Kensington gardens and palace. After a quick late lunch, we came back to pick our cousin up from school with our aunty and uncle. All of us then proceeded to play a fun game of mini golf at ‘Puttshack’ before a delicious dinner at ‘Pizza Express’.

On Thursday the 23rd of January our aunty and uncle came with us to explore Oxford. We mostly had a look at Pembroke College at Oxford University as that’s where my dad went! The university and the surrounding area had such amazing old buildings for us to enjoy looking at. For lunch we found a nice place near the river called ‘Head of the River’ which had the most delicious burger I’ve ever eaten so far; a vegan Kentucky fried chicken burger! Then we went inside Divinity Hall which is where some Harry Potter scenes were filmed (it’s the infirmary and the dance practice room) which was so cool. While we waited for the bus to take us home, we had a glance at some of the markets near the university 🙂

On Friday we went to Kings Cross Station as we were going to Scarborough by train to get to our granny’s house. But first I had to get a quick photo of Platform 9 & 3/4 from Harry Potter! It was late afternoon by the time we got to Scarborough and another one of our uncles kindly drove us from the station to granny’s house in Robin Hood’s Bay. It was so lovely to see our uncle, granny and her cat Sooty again! Our granny took us to the local pantomime of ‘Cinderella’ that night which was very entertaining to watch.

The 25th of January was spent picking up some groceries, having a nice walk down to the bay and back and playing dominoes at a Domino Drive which ended in Magali and I winning some chocolate goodies in the raffle. For dinner, Magali and I made some cheesy pasta with tomato pasta sauce and green beans on the side.

Robin Hood's Bay

The following day involved another enjoyable walk with the stunning backdrop of Ravenscar that I have and always will love. Later on, my sister and I caught up with some friends we met on our last trip to England whilst we walked with them and their dog along the beach and got some hot chocolates. Later on we had a dinner of roasted vegetables and vegetarian sausages.

Robin Hood's Bay

January the 27th began with playing some fun games of badminton at the community hall with our granny. Next was a long walk around Robin Hood’s Bay with our granny and uncle including walking along the beach and through the countryside. The day finished with a really delicious curry at the local pub called ‘Grosvenor’.

Robin Hood's Bay

On Tuesday we spent the day in Scarborough with our granny. We went down to the seaside and played on the amusements which we had so much fun on the last time we came to England. We had some ice-cream and walked along admiring the seaside. Then we came back up for a nice lunch of lasagne and chips and did some shopping. Once we were home, Magali and I made a tasty couscous salad for dinner and then our uncle took us out to ‘Grosvenor’ for drinks and to watch a band which was very enjoyable.


On the 29th we went to Whitby for the day with our granny. After doing some more amusements, we did some more shopping which resulted in my purchase of the book ‘P.S. I Love You’ by Cecelia Ahern for a pound at a charity shop! We met up with our uncle for lunch at ‘Whistlestop’ where I had a lovely meal of a quiche and chips. Once back home, some of granny’s friends came over for a chat and after they left we watched a movie. Magali and I made dinner of veggie burgers with halloumi and leftover salad on the side which was so yum! Our granny took us to another Domino Drive where Magali and I once again won some prizes!

Thursday the 30th of January mainly included walking along Runswick Bay and around Staithes; both really nice areas. We came back to Whitby for a great lunch of vegan burgers at ‘Wetherspoons’ and came home for a relaxing afternoon. For dinner, Magali and I made a really delicious vegetarian chicken tikka masala and then later on joined our granny at her country dancing class!

Runswick Bay

On this Friday, Magali and I went for a run near granny’s house followed by relaxing baths. I did a lot of reading and then watched some TV to relax. It was soon dinner time so we grabbed some vegetarian sausages and hot chips from the nearby fish and chip shop named ‘Fish Box’. Our last night in Robin Hood’s Bay was spent with the same friends that we caught up with earlier in the week. We went on another walk with them and their dog and went back to their place to watch a movie.

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