Review on ‘Evergreen’ Extended Play by Madison Taylor

January 10, 2020

My internet friend Madison Taylor has released an extended play called ‘Evergreen’! She has an incredible voice (I believe she sounds similar to Taylor Swift!) and I instantly loved listening to all of the songs so I thought I’d share with you guys my thoughts on it. If you want more details on the EP then click here to go to Madison’s blog post about it or you can click here to listen to it on Spotify 🙂

I’ll Never Know Him:

This is my favourite song of the EP! The melody is beautiful and Madison sings all of the different notes so wonderfully; especially when she sings the phrase “curly locks” (you’ll know what I mean when you listen to the song!). The accompanying singing in the background really adds to the song too.

Secretly Admire:

I love this song for its amazing intensity! It starts with a lovely instrumental section that appears throughout the song, and quickly becomes very passionate. The song is about the consumption with someone you secretly admire and the lyrics Madison has chosen communicates this so wonderfully; “stealer of my soul, you will never know, that I secretly admire you”.


This song is quite calming and relaxing to listen to. The song has a lovely message of being “destined to be with you” which is very evident in the chorus that quickens in pace. The last verse really shows off Madison’s great voice as she holds a lot of beautiful notes.

My Dying Heart:

This song is so emotional with its slow pace and many gorgeous high notes. The lyrics are very intense and deep including “it chills me to see the darkness in your eyes” and “I can’t fight this feeling that we’re out of time” which I love.


I really like this song because it has a great tune, so many amazing notes that Madison sings and really cool lyrics, such as “the thought of you recklessly consumes everything”.


I find the upbeat chorus of this song so enjoyable to listen to which is in contrast to the nice, slower-paced verses. Once again, Madison’s singing is beautiful and the accompanying instrumental music is very lovely.

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