Christmas Celebrations 2019

December 27, 2019

Christmas Eve:

Christmas Eve this year was nothing special but super enjoyable! I danced and sung to music like no one watching or listening (even though my whole family was aha!) which is always fun. We ate cheese and crackers for snacks and a delicious pumpkin and red lentil soup for dinner.

Christmas Day:

We all slept in before opening our stockings to reveal lovely gifts including plant seeds and Boody bamboo underwear. Vegan pancakes were for breakfast (you can find the recipe here) which, as usual, were super tasty. Then we opened all of our presents; I am so grateful for mine. I got a few items in preparation for my trip to England next year; scarf, gloves, guide book and note of English currency, and lots of eco friendly/natural items such as a reusable drink holder and Loving Earth vegan chocolates.

Up next was a competitive game of Monopoly which ended in a draw between Magali and I (it would’ve taken us days to come to only one winner!). After that, we all went off to do our own things for a bit which for me was doing some more of a puzzle I was working on and reading.

At around 3pm we started making Christmas dinner. Magali and I made Niomi Smart’s nut wellington, dad worked on preparing the fish and roasted veggies plus a delicious drink of Pimms and Ellesha made a chocolate cake. We enjoyed this meal on our deck in the sun (luckily it wasn’t too hot!) and talked. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and watching some comedy; a great way to end a really nice day 🙂

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