South Australia Trip 2019

November 26, 2019

Three of my friends (including my twin sister) and I went on an “end of high school” trip (also known as ‘Schoolies’ in Australia) to Mount Gambier in South Australia, as one of my friends’ grandparents had a beach shack down there. It was a super relaxing and fun trip and I hope you enjoy reading about it 🙂

So on Friday the 15th of November, my friends, one of my friends’ mum and I woke up early to take a shuttle bus to the airport for a 6:40am flight from Sydney to Avalon airport. Once in Victoria, my friends’ mum hired a car and very kindly drove us for over 4 hours to Mount Gambier in South Australia. The rest of the day was simply spent settling into the shack before having some much needed sleep.

The next day was Magali and I’s 18th birthday; November the 16th! We all slept in before our friends made us a lovely breakfast of pancakes and gave us their sweet cards and gifts (some stunning jewellery!). After that we explored the beach that was conveniently about 20 metres away from the shack but unfortunately it was too cold to swim. Once back in the shack, we played some card games together and had a nice veggie pastry that my friends’ mum and nan had picked up for us. Later on, we dressed up and went out for dinner at a nice restaurant in town. Magali and I bought alcoholic drinks for the first time; vodka sunrises! I had a haloumi burger and chips for dinner which was so good! We came back that evening for more drinks (I discovered my favourite flavour of vodka cruisers is raspberry!) and to watch Netflix.

Drinking Cocktail

The following morning I woke up surprisingly early (about 7:30am) and ended up video chatting one of my friends back in Sydney for over an hour which was lovely. When the others had awoken, we made our way to the beach and swam in the cold but refreshing water, lay in the sun and read a bit. We came back to the shack for a nice lunch of wraps; mine had a chickpea patty and veggies in it, whilst watching more Netflix. That evening, my friend’s family friend came over where we played card games, drank some alcohol and played beer pong.

Beach in South Australia

On Monday the 18th, we visited the gorgeous Blue Lake that is iconic to Mount Gambier. Next we went shopping in the town. My friends and I within minutes had bought a bunch of book series; I got the ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series, before we kept wandering around in other shops. We came back to the shack and spent another evening with my friend’s family friend including more card games and a fun trip to the beach in the dark!

Blue Lake in South Australia
Blue Lake

The next day was nothing special but very enjoyable; we woke up super late, went to the beach to read and relax and had burgers for dinner whilst watching Netflix.

On the day after this there was a bush fire warning so we had to stay at the shack in case of a fire. Since I couldn’t go to the beach I decided to tan on the grass outside whilst reading, but not for too long as it the heat was very strong! The rest of the day was very similar to the others including playing card games and watching Netflix, except for the night where we had an evening walk on the beach (the threat of a serious fire was now gone) and put on face masks!

Beach in South Australia

On Thursday the 21st, we went to Port MacDonnell for lunch; I had a halloumi burger (as you can tell I love them!) and a vanilla milkshake. My friend’s nan kindly drove us around the countryside and the beaches to explore the area. We came back to the shack to get ready for another trip to the beach. This time we played frisbee, chilled in the rock pools and went out to the reef that was very close to the shore. Vegetarian butter chicken was my delicious meal for dinner that night.

The next day was our last full day, so we spent most of the day soaking up the last essence of the beach! Magali and I had a nice walk and when we came back we all tried to swim until we had to rush out of the water when a stingray tried to join us! From that experience we resorted to throwing around a ball and doing some more reading on the sand.

The following morning we left the shack at 9am to go to Mount Gambier airport. We hopped on a really small plane that took us to Melbourne airport and then on another plane that took us to Sydney. My friend’s mum was once again so kind by taking us from the airport and back home!

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