End of High School Celebrations

September 30, 2019

Last week was my last ever week at high school! I had an amazing last week, even though it was only three days, but I also felt sad that my high school days had come to an end 🙁

On Monday, our year had ‘Muck-Up Day’. The girls wore the guys’ uniform and vice versa, and some people did pranks, such as honey on the toilet seats. We didn’t do any work all day and had a few class parties with tonnes of food and games. It was a very fun day!

On Tuesday, we had a ‘Senior Citizens Concert’ in the morning where people in my year performed for seniors in the community. Later on, we had a graduation rehearsal to ensure everything went smoothly that night. We all went home and then came back at 7pm for our official graduation. There were a lot of speeches, performances and everyone in the year went on stage to receive their graduation package, accompanied by our years 7 and 12 school photos! Afterwards, my friends and I took a lot of photos to commemorate our graduation of high school 🙂

On Wednesday, we had an unofficial graduation in the morning in front of the whole school. This was followed by a BBQ with my year group and teachers that was quite short as everyone needed to get ready for formal that night. Once I got back, I had a shower, did most of my makeup and put on my dress and jewellery. My friend came over to curl my hair and my sister’s friend came over to do my eye makeup (I’m hopeless at doing it myself). Then my mum took my twin and I to our friend’s pre’s for 4:30pm.

There was a professional photographer who took really lovely photos of us individually and in various groups of us. The limo arrived at 5pm and we enjoyed dancing in it as we made our way into the city. We arrived at our formal venue of ‘L’Aqua’ at 6pm where we meet up with everyone. It was great to see everyone dressed up! Once we were in the venue, we had a lovely time eating dinner, talking to teachers and friends, taking photos, dancing and watching a fireworks display! I had so much fun and because of this the evening went by too quickly 🙁 Luckily we had after’s back at our friend’s house where we sat by the fire talking and then watched a movie. My twin and I got home at about 2am (which was not that bad at all!) and I had a great sleep knowing that I didn’t have to get up for high school the next day, or ever!

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