Thailand Trip 2019 – Part 2

September 2, 2019

Most days in the second week of staying in Thailand were spent similarly to the first; in the pool, at the beach and in the games room. We never got sick of these activities, they were so fun and relaxing at the same time!

One of the days in this week was my aunty’s birthday so, after having a swim in the morning, we had a nice lunch at a place nearby called ‘Mom Tris’. On the way back, we had an enjoyable walk along the beach. Later on, we dressed up really nicely and, because he wanted to, we even dressed up our cousin in a dress and makeup! After taking so many pictures, we took a tuktuk to a lovely curry place for dinner.

Dressing Up

The next day, a few of us tried out some free scuba diving that the resort was offering. It felt weird at first to be breathing underwater with an oxygen tank but once I got the hang of it, it was really enjoyable! Since the free scuba diving was on the other side of the resort, my cousins and I had some fun at the small water park that was nearby. Later on, I had a full body massage in the resort – my first massage ever! It was super relaxing and I loved all of the different oils that they used on my body.

Scuba Diving

On another day, we went to Karon viewpoint in the morning. Although the weather was slightly rainy, the view was still cool to look at. Then we visited some elephants where some of my family rode them whilst myself and the rest of us fed them bananas. I highly recommend spending time with elephants if you are in Thailand, it’s not only iconic but it is enjoyable to be near these lovely animals.

Scenery in Thailand
Elephant in Thailand

The next day was a shopping day! After we had a quick swim, we took a minibus to a shopping centre called ‘Central Festival Phuket’. It was essentially a similar shopping centre to the ones I go to in Australia with a few extra stalls that had Thai items in them. Unfortunately, the prices were actually more expensive than the shops I go to at home so no one bought anything. We decided to try and go to a market instead so we got back into the minibus in the hopes of finding a nice market to shop at that was different to the one we had been to the week before. The first one we tried didn’t have many stalls open yet and it was predominantly food-based so we asked the minibus driver to take us to another. Eventually we found a fairly good market that was beginning to open its stalls and I bought a lovely red singlet and a present for my mum here. It was a bit of an annoying shopping experience but myself and other family members were able to buy things so it was still successful!

On my second last day, my cousin and I had a little bit of a photo shoot! The weather wasn’t the best (it was the wet season) but we had a lot of fun wandering around the resort trying to get the best locations and angles.

After this, I bought an elephant necklace from a little shop across the street as I wanted something that was stylish but also iconic to Thailand, just like the elephant pants I had bought the week before.

That evening was spent having a few drinks at a drinks bar in the resort as it was our last night all together (my Canadian family and granny were leaving that night). We finished the night with another lovely dinner at a restaurant nearby before saying goodbye to the family that were leaving. It was an emotional goodbye as due to the massive distance between our homes, we don’t get to see each other that often 🙁

Drinking Raspberry Cocktail

On the last day, we said goodbye to the rest of the family (except my uncle who was staying for an extra day) as they left for the airport. The rest of the morning was spent packing everything as we had to vacate the room before 12pm, although the minibus that was taking us to the airport was coming at around 5pm. This meant that after we had checked out of the room, we were able to spend some time swimming in the pool and ocean, reading and having showers. Finally, we made our way to the airport and took a plane back home to Sydney, arriving on the day before the school term started 🙁

Sunset in Thailand

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