Thailand Trip 2019 – Part 1

August 26, 2019

Before you read about my trip, I want to apologise for posting it about a month later than my Singapore trip blog post! I have been super busy with my HSC trial exams and so my priority for the past few weeks has been with that. Now that I have finished these exams (yay!) I can finally share with you guys the rest of my trip!

After having a wonderful time in Singapore, my family and I took a flight to Phuket in Thailand to have a two week holiday with our extended family. When we arrived, we took a minibus to the Katathani Beach Resort – where we stayed last time (it is an amazing place!). Our family members from Canada greeted us there (they arrived first) and we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the resort together. We had a nice dinner at a restaurant close by and then greeted our other family members from England that arrived late in the night, so then all 13 of us were there.

The next day we all had a massive breakfast at the breakfast buffet and spent the whole day at the pool, beach or in the games room. Despite our best efforts to wear lots of sunscreen, quite a few of us were sunburnt after the first day in the sun (mainly me oops!). That night, we all enjoyed drinks and snacks in one of our rooms before having a lovely dinner at another restaurant near by.

Katathani Beach Resort
Katathani Beach Resort

Most days in the first week were spent like this; enjoying the sun by going back and forth between the pool and beach, and going in the games room when we needed a break from the heat. We had so much great food too, including my favourite Thai dish of vegetable and tofu pad thai.

On one day in the first week, the 13 of us organised a day trip. We went on a big boat out to islands around Phang Nga Bay in the morning and were dropped off in two separate spots to go canoeing in and around some caves. After having lunch on the boat, we visited James Bond Island which, as you can guess from the name, was an island featured in a James Bond movie. The water was stunning and it was really cool to experience all of the lovely islands. Our final destination for the boat trip was at a beach which unfortunately had too many rocks on the ocean floor to swim enjoyably and didn’t have much to do. Overall, the trip was really lovely though and I highly recommend exploring the islands around Phuket, whether you are viewing them from a boat, canoe or the sand!

Another day in the first week was spent at a weekend night market. There were so many stalls with lots of cheap global brands and Thai souvenirs which were cool to explore. I only ended up buying a pair of blue baggy pants with elephants on them but I was very happy with my purchase!

Relaxing in Thailand

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