Ways to Reduce your Plastic Use

May 21, 2019

Our plastic usage as humans has become very large and it is having a horrible impact on our planet. The world is currently producing about
300 million tonnes of plastic each year
and a significant amount of this will end up in our oceans, harming wildlife and the environment detrimentally.

Single-use plastics that can’t be recycled are the worst because their time being used is small compared to their time causing damage in our environment. It is not enough to just stop using these and turning to recyclable plastics either. Although these can be used multiple times, their form eventually becomes too weak from being recycled a lot and they end up joining the non-recyclable plastics, unable to biodegrade for at least half a century! Besides, we all know that some people ruin it by throwing recyclable plastics in a rubbish bin rather than a recycling bin 🙁

Overall, there is too much plastic production in our world so we must strive to remove all forms of plastic in our lives in order to deter businesses from selling it. Each little action towards a plastic-free world helps, so I’ve decided to share with you guys some ways to reduce your plastic use and together we can prevent plastic from negatively impacting our planet further.

Bring your Own Bags for Shopping:

There have been a lot of “Ban The Bag” campaigns in the past few years which aim to replace free, plastic bags with cheap, recyclable bags in big stores, which is great! However, not all shops are on board with this and even some of the stores that support removing plastic bags still provide plastic bags for fruits and vegetables. It is very simple to buy a few cheap bags that aren’t made from plastic and bring them with you every time you go shopping. You can also get a few thin, woven bags specifically for fruits and vegetables that won’t be a hassle at the cash register! This will make a huge difference to the amount of plastic usage in the world and everyone can bring nicely patterned bags of their choosing when they shop 🙂

Reusable Bags

Use Reusable Items:

It makes such a difference if you bring reusable water bottles, straws, cups etc. with you rather than buying single-use plastic, especially if you buy these items in plastic on a regular basis. Besides, nowadays you can buy these reusable items in practically any size, shape and pattern that you want, so there should be no excuse not to buy them and bring them whenever you need them! (also, I know that my water bottle is plastic but I bought it when I wasn’t conscious about plastic use so I will reuse it as much as I can and then ensure I purchase a metal one next time)

Reusable Items

Be Aware of Products’ Materials and Packaging:

Plastic isn’t always explicitly labelled or in its most common clear form so it is important to be aware about products’ materials so you don’t ruin your good intentions. Also, a lot of products are made from plastic in their cheapest form but are made from other, sustainable materials for higher prices, but it is worth it for our planet. Additionally, you might find a great product that’s plastic-free and find that the business has packaged it in plastic. Sometimes this even happens with fruits and vegetables that have their own natural packaging! This is super frustrating but it is important to try and not purchase it as it’s still technically buying plastic, even if the actual product underneath the plastic packaging is plastic-free!

Main Types of Plastic
Main Types of Plastic from

I hope that this post has been helpful or inspiring and we can start to make a positive impact for our environment. I also want to clarify that I am in no way “perfect” when it comes to purchasing plastic-free items, but I am trying to be more and more conscious about buying things that align with my views. It’s virtually impossible to be completely plastic-free in this point in time, especially with food as you can’t opt out buying that and basically all food comes in plastic packaging. I am just trying to exaggerate having a plastic-free lifestyle in the hopes that it will increase the likelihood of someone reading this to change their ways however they can 🙂

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