FAQs for Twins

March 28, 2019

As you may or may not know, I am an identical twin (as you can see in the cover photo of my twin and I). Over the years people have asked me a lot of twin-related questions; some are quite silly, some are genuine and others are really interesting. I’ve compiled a list of these questions; some of them coming from you guys on Instagram and others that are just generally asked a lot about twins, and given my answers for them. Hope you enjoy! 

If you get hurt, does your twin feel it?

No unfortunately! That would be so cool though as then I could sense when she was in pain or hurt myself when I was angry at her so she would feel it too! It would be pretty awesome if it was emotional pain as well because then I could know her exact emotion and figure out why she’s feeling that way.

Have you ever had friends mix you and your twin up?

Yes, but usually it’s just a genuine mistake and they apologise so I don’t really mind. It only annoys me when people purposely don’t take the time to learn the differences between us and we have to keep constantly correcting them but that isn’t normally our friends anyway so it’s fine.

Do you and your twin have different friends?

We’ve had practically the same friends our whole lives with the exception of a few people that are usually acquaintances with the other twin anyway. Right now, my twin and I are in the same “friend group” at school and basically all of the other friends we have at school are friends with both of us.

What is it like having a twin?

It’s really weird to be honest as there is a person that I spend so much time with that I’m so similar too but I also recognise how different we are and she gets on my nerves a lot. It’s kind of like having a mixture between a best friend and a sister; sometimes super annoying to have and other times quite good.

What are good things about being a twin?

A good thing about being a twin is that you’ve always got someone either with you physically or there for you to fall back on. A specific example of this is when we were younger are parents understandably didn’t want us walking places by ourselves, but it was fine if we went in pairs so my twin and I would walk together to places (usually because we’d go to the same friend’s house or school). Another good thing is that my twin just gets me, as in she knows me so well that whatever I say to her she will usually understand or say the right thing in response. 

What are bad things about being a twin?

A bad thing about being a twin is people thinking you’re the same person and therefore not knowing you as an individual person. Like how are people supposed to become friends with me or become my romantic partner if they can’t decide whether they like my twin or I better because we are so alike in their eyes? Luckily not all people are like this and my twin and I aren’t as similar as we were so it’s getting easier for other people. Another bad thing is sharing things such as our birthday, a bedroom when we were younger and presents but that more annoyed me when I was younger.

Do you and your twin like to dress similar or do you have totally different styles?

We have pretty similar clothes styles but not identical as there are some clothes my twin owns that I probably wouldn’t wear and she probably wouldn’t wear some of mine. Surprisingly though, we’ve practically never worn each other’s clothes; the only time was at Halloween one time when I wore one of her shirts and she wore one of mine.

Have you and your twin been in a really close relationship for your whole lives?

Yeah I’d say that we have. We were very close when we were younger, in fact we actually asked to be in the same class for most of primary school so we could be together! We’re still close now but we’ve become more independent as soon we’ll be going to different universities and fulfilling different paths in life so we have slightly different hobbies, passions and extra-curricula activities.

What’s a twin and where can I get one?

This interesting question was asked on Instagram by one of my closest friends haha!! Well the dictionary definition of a twin is “one of two children or animals born at the same time” and apparently there are 7 types of twins (identical, fraternal, half-identical, mirror image twins, mixed chromosome twins, superfecundation and superfetation) but most people are just familiar with identical and fraternal. You can get one (well two) by getting pregnant but you can’t just ask for twins, it just happens 🙂 Also, you might be able to adopt them but I’m not sure how easy it is to adopt a child let alone twins.

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