Tasks to do Before School Starts

January 27, 2019

The new school year is about to begin for me and I thought it would be a good idea to write a blog post about some tasks that you should do before school starts. Hopefully this will help you out if you are starting the school year soon or just be enjoyable to read about what tasks I’ll be doing to prepare for my last year of high school! 

This post is a collaboration with the lovely Bethan Emily from HappyThoughtsBlog, a lifestyle and wellness blogger, so once you have finished reading my post go head over to her amazing blog for the tasks that she’ll be doing before school starts 🙂

Pack your Bag:

This may seem really obvious but it is important to ensure that your bag is packed with everything you need for school the night before! (except food and drink). It saves you doing it in the morning when you might be tired or rushed and then you know that you have everything you need for school that day and won’t have a panic trying to find something last minute. For me, I have a binder which is divided into my subjects and I’ve emptied out all of the unnecessary pages and refilled each section with loose leaf paper, and I’ve also packed my backpack with my laptop, pencil case, “essentials bag” (bandaids, hand sanitiser etc.), books for certain subjects and any other things I might need for school (food and water will go in on the day of).

Organise your Study Area:

When you get that first bit of homework you want to be able to come home to a clean study area so that you’ll be more focused on your work, because they’ll be less distractions around you, and you’ll be motivated to get work done, because your study area looks nice and is actually practical for studying. On my desk, my beach-themed decor items and books on the shelves make my study area look nice and my organised drawers and uncluttered desk give me a good space to work.

Plan out your Week:

It is really useful to plan out your week inside and out of school as you feel more prepared for the upcoming week and during the week you achieve more as no time is wasted thinking about what to do next. It’s really easy to do too as most weeks at school are quite similar so you can just have a weekly or fortnightly schedule and include your timetabled subjects, extra curricula activities, study periods, breaks and any other events that happen every one or two weeks. I have made a typical weekly schedule to refer to for my general structure of the week and I obviously have a school timetable which I look at for knowing my inside of school subjects and activities.

Prepare your Uniforms:

This is a super simple and obvious task but it’s still obviously important to actually do! This includes washing your core uniform, jumpers, stockings, hats and any other items of clothing that you might need to put on at some point in the term (appropriate to the weather of course!). It also includes polishing your leather shoes if they need it and buying anything that needs replacing or restocking (I find socks always need restocking in my house). If you have no uniform for school it is also useful to wash your clothes too and even plan out your outfits for the week so it isn’t a ‘last thing in the morning’ job that stresses you out.

Buy and Plan Food for School:

It’s not that hard to buy and plan your food for the upcoming week at school but it really helps to give you better quality meals/snacks and, like basically all of the tasks in this blog post, prevent you having that last minute stress about what to pack for that day. It’s so nice to create proper meals for school that fill you up and snacks that you will definitely enjoy because you picked them out at the shops and planned it in advance.

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  • Bethan Emily January 28, 2019 at 8:21 pm

    Lovely post!! Your desk area looks very organised and cute. Thanks for the collab xox

    • Keeley February 21, 2019 at 3:21 pm

      Thanks!! I had so much fun collabing xx

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