My New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

December 31, 2018

The first day of 2019 is tomorrow and a lot of people are trying to organise themselves in order to be fresh and ready for what they hope will be a better year than this year. This usually involves the creation of new year’s resolutions as people are wanting to improve themselves every year and I always do the same. I love the opportunity to write a list and it’s always a nice idea to try and improve, so today I’m sharing my new year’s resolutions and why I’ve chosen them. I’d love to know a few of your resolutions or plans for 2019 in the comments 🙂

Get a new job:

I’ve had my current job working in a cafe for 1 year and a few months and although I’ve enjoyed gaining the experience about all of the jobs in a cafe, I feel that I need a change and to be honest making food and coffee is stressful so I’d want to get out of a predominantly food-and-drink-making job. I’d really like to work in a clothing shop, especially one that I love and am familiar with, but it’s very hard to get a job with popular stores as they rarely have vacancies. That’s why I’ve given myself the whole of 2019 to find a new job so hopefully I’ll find one eventually 🙂

Spend a maximum of 30 minutes on social media everyday:

Social media can be great but sometimes I feel like I’m addicted to it and I can spend hours on it and feel like I gained nothing from it. Every time that I put my phone down and decide to do something productive I feel good about myself and feel like I’ve really achieved something so I want to do this more next year. Also, because 2019 is my last year of high school, this goal will really help me to focus on studying and homework rather than being distracted by social media.

Get an ATAR above 90:

If you didn’t know already, the ATAR is my end of high school mark that will help me get into my ideal course easily (there are always other ways to still achieve what I want). The law courses that I’m looking at currently have ATARs of over 90 and also at my school they have a special assembly for students that achieve an ATAR above 90 so that is my aim and hopefully I’ll be able to achieve that 🙂

Read at least 10 books in the year:

I set myself the goal to read a book every month for this year but even though I included the books I read at school as well as the books that I’d read at home, I didn’t achieve it so I’ve lowered it to 10 for next year. Although it’s hard to balance studying and completing homework with hobbies and extra curricula activities, I really want to find that balance so I can read lots of books and do other hobbies whilst still doing well at school.

Exercise, in any way, everyday:

Exercise is really important and every time I do it I feel good about myself so I’m setting myself the goal of doing some form of exercise everyday. This could literally be as simple as a walk with my dog, Jedi, or 10 minute workout or intense like an hour workout but I really want to do something to keep myself fit everyday.

Cook/bake at least one recipe every week: 

I really enjoy cooking and baking, especially exotic but tasty vegetarian or vegan food, so just like this year I’m planning on making at least one recipe every week in 2019. Whether it’s a super easy salad or 3 course meal I want to make something every week to be productive, creative and have lots of fun experimenting with recipes.

Make decisions quickly:

I’m usually that very annoying, indecisive person that either takes forever to chose something or when asked a ‘this or that’ question just says “I don’t mind”, and I don’t like myself for it. For some reason most decisions I make feel like they will alter my life massively but really I’m not affected by things like what I chose to eat 2 weeks ago. So my goal is to make decisions quickly, which I know is very hard to determine and tick off that I’ve done throughout the whole year, but I’m just going to try and constantly get into the habit of being quicker at decision making. Obviously I’m not talking about big decisions because they do need to be thought about for some time but small ones like “chocolate or blueberry muffin” should only take about 5 seconds to decide and I want to be able to do that.

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