Christmas Celebrations 2018

December 28, 2018

Christmas Eve:

On the night before Christmas I decided, like last Christmas Eve, to have a lovely hot bath with a Shoot for the Stars bath bomb from Lush in it. This appears to have become a Christmas Eve tradition now as I seem to always get a Lush bath bomb for my birthday and then want to use it at the next special occasion. This was the first time I have tried this particular bath bomb and I have to say that I highly recommend it as it looks beautiful in a bath and leaves your skin feeling really soft.

Later on, my family and I enjoyed some drinks including a lovely lemon & lime bitters and lemonade drink filled with mint leaves and ice that my dad invented; it’s so refreshing! 🙂

When it got dark we had fun singing and dancing to music, mostly Christmas songs, surrounded by some bright Christmas lights. Luckily this got rid of a lot of my excited energy so I could finally sleep to be well rested for Christmas the next day.


I woke up on Christmas morning at about 6am to open the presents in my stocking. One of the gifts was a pair of Christmas socks which I immediately put on to really put myself in the Christmas mood.

A little bit later in the morning, my family and I enjoyed some vegan pancakes smothered in maple syrup for breakfast which were delicious. We then opened all of the presents under the tree including a gift to us from our dog, Jedi, of a mug with “I like pets more than I like people” written on it 🙂 (which I actually bought because it’s such a good present to have a dog give a human!!). I got so many lovely presents which I am so grateful for including a puzzle, shower speaker and some cute clothes. 

For Christmas dinner we had a completely vegetarian meal of toad-in-the-hole (vegetarian sausages in Yorkshire puddings with gravy), nut wellington (a vegetable and nut mixture inside an eggplant covering) and roasted vegetables, all of which were absolutely delicious! 

The rest of the day was very fun and relaxing at different points. We played some of the games we got like ‘Pickup Sticks’ and ‘Balderdash’, I started my puzzle, we all watched some movies/tv shows and so many more nice activities. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Christmas celebrations of this year and hopefully you had a lovely day on the 25th of December whether you celebrate Christmas or not 🙂

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