5 Best Things About Winter

August 22, 2018

I’m currently coming to the end of winter, as I live in Australia, and I thought it would the perfect time to reflect on the best things about winter that I’ve experienced or I wish I could’ve experienced (like snow!!).

This blog post is actually a collab with the beautiful Grace ❤️( She is one of my favourite bloggers due to her engaging posts, stunning photos and overall her lovely personality! Because she lives in Britain and I live in Australia, we decided to each post about the 5 best things about the season we are in at the moment. So after you’ve finished reading this blog post head on over to her blog to know the 5 best things about summer 🙂 But first, here are the things that I consider to be the 5 best things about winter:


Snow is definitely one of the best things about winter, I’d even go as far as to say that it is the best! Unfortunately, because I live in Australia I don’t have snow during winter but I have experienced it when I went to Canada and I loved playing around in it (as you can see in the photo I was quite young). There’s just something about snow that is so pretty and so wonderful! Besides, you can make snowmen, look at stunning snowflakes, go skiing…the list goes on and on! I really wish it snowed in Australia in winter so I could experience these things on a regular basis, so if you get snow where you live just remember how lucky you are 🙂

Layering Up with Cute Clothes:

Winter is the perfect time to wear a million stylish layers of clothes, especially cute, oversized jumpers that keep you warm and look great. If you have ever watched the YouTuber Zoe Sugg (Zoella) you’ll know that in winter she always makes a big thing about wearing cute clothes, particularly jumpers, and it always makes me feel the same vibe! (even though her winter is at a different time to mine, but it makes me in the mood when I do have winter). I just love the feeling of wearing cute clothes in winter that also keep me warm and feel comfortable.

Having Hot Fires:

I think it’s such an amazing feeling to be sitting with friends and/or family around a fire, eating marshmallows and talking about everything and anything. Fires, whether they are indoors or outdoors, are quite easy to set up and start, and are so mesmerising to watch. They are perfect at keeping you warm and I don’t know about you but I also really love the smell of burning wood so that’s another bonus!

Being Warm:

This is kinda broad, but doing absolutely anything possible to stay warm in winter is the best! Just simple things like having a hot bath, being in a heated room under a mountain of blankets and drinking a hot chocolate can make you feel so happy and cosy. Or cuddling up against loved ones, including dogs, is such a nice way to stay warm during winter and become closer to the ones you love.

Refreshing Cool Air:

I feel like all the things above are about avoiding the cold weather that winter brings but sometimes it is nice to feel the cool air on your face and be far away from the gross sweat of summer. Especially when you are playing a sport or just having a run, the winter air can be very refreshing and can keep you the perfect temperature, as long as you keep moving! Sure, at times it can practically freeze your fingers off, but the cool air in winter can also make you feel alive and energised which is a nice feeling to boost your day.

Don’t forget to check out Grace’s post on 🙂

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