How to get Motivated to do Exercise

July 30, 2018

Everybody knows that exercise is good for you and should be done consistently and frequently to be healthy, but it can be hard to get the motivation to actually get up and do exercise. Sure, it ultimately comes down to your mindset and level of determination to physically make yourself exercise but there are certain things you can do or have which will boost your motivation and increase your chance of getting into a good habit of doing exercise. Whether it’s half an hour that you set aside daily or 5 minutes whenever you get some free time, exercising is important and necessary to stay healthy and fit and hopefully these things will help you to actually motivate yourself to do some exercise.

Cute and Comfortable Exercise Clothes:

I don’t know about you but whenever I wear exercise clothes that I really like wearing and feel super comfortable in, I feel so much more motivated to actually do exercise. When you feel good about what you are wearing then you feel good about yourself and then you end up feeling like doing something good 🙂

Exercise Clothes

Uplifting and Motivating Music:

Listening to music makes a lot of things better including exercise as, just like with nice exercise clothes, you feel good about the music and therefore you feel good about the exercising 🙂 You could even do repetitions of a certain exercise to the beat of a song and/or focus on the lyrics of the song rather than the uncomfortable pain of doing the exercise. 

Music with Earphones

Well Earned Breaks and Rewards:

It is totally ok to take breaks during your workouts and even give yourself little rewards afterwards to keep you engaged and motivated. It’s important to give your body a break so you don’t overdo it and feel sick or hurt yourself but too many breaks will reduce the effectiveness of the workout. I usually take a break after 20 minutes and at the end I sometimes give myself some nice food or phone time, as well as some well deserved water, as a reward which I can look forward to whilst I do exercise. 

Rewards for Doing Exercise

Easily Accessible Exercise Equipment:

If you can easily see and access your exercise equipment then you won’t forget to do exercise and will more likely decide to actually exercise. It can honestly be as simple as placing your yoga mat or weights in your bedroom in plain view, which is what I do, so when you see them you think to do exercise.

Exercise Equipment


Sometimes I randomly get in the mood to exercise because I feel like doing something productive and this is the perfect time to JUST DO IT!! Just think about all the positives of doing exercise and how good you feel afterwards, plus all of the nice things you can have or do that I’ve said in this post. So, JUST DO IT, it’s not that hard 🙂

Doing the Splits

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