Repotting Dwarf Beans

April 7, 2018

My dwarf beans have been growing so much better the second time around and are almost ready to be harvested, but first they need to be repotted. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason the leaves have turned a strange pale colour and have also been eaten by some animals but the actual beans on the plants are growing fine so I’m not that worried.

To repot them, I carefully moved the soil away from the base of each plants and pulled it upwards. I removed any excess soil caught in the roots and repeated the process for each dwarf bean plant.

Then, I retrieved the bigger pots that I had previously been growing my beetroots in and emptied the soil from them, plus the soil from the pots the dwarf beans were in before, into two containers (there was too much soil to fit in one).

Next, I filled all the bigger pots with soil, made a hole in the centre and lowered the plants roots into it before covering all the roots with soil. Some of the plants were weighted down by the beans growing on them or just generally weren’t standing up straight, so I found some small sticks to put into the soil and act as a stake. Finally, I sprinkled over some fertiliser and watered all the plants thoroughly.

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