Planting Dwarf Beans

February 10, 2018

I have decided to plant more dwarf beans considering I have nothing growing at the moment and the weather is quite nice for growing plants right now. I had to buy more seeds from Aldi as my last packet has no seeds left and because nothing else was growing I planted them in the smaller pots not the nursery-styled collection of pots.

To begin with, I poured a lot of potting mix; some from pots that I’ve previously used for growing plants and some from a bag of potting mix, and about a cup of fertiliser in a bucket. Using a trowel, I mixed the fertiliser into the potting mix until it was completely combined.

After evenly pouring the mixture into 4 small pots, I made a hole with my finger in the centre that was about 1-2 cm in depth and placed 2-3 seeds in each hole to almost guarantee that I would have at least one dwarf bean plant in every pot.

Finally, I covered the seeds with soil, transported the pots to a half-shady, half-sunny spot on my deck and poured some water onto each of them until the soil was quite damp.

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