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January 29, 2018

Tomorrow is my first day of school this year where I will be starting Year 11 and I thought it would be appropriate to post about the items that I will bringing to school for my senior study. If you live somewhere else then you might have already started your school year in September last year but for me, in Australia, we have our summer holiday around Christmas because that’s when we have summer, so I’m starting my school year in January. If you don’t attend school, then this post could somewhat apply to your work and if you don’t attend either then I hope you just enjoy reading it anyway 🙂 Also, most of these items are from Aldi unless otherwise stated.

Pencil Case:
Obviously I need a pencil case to hold all my stationary items and this one is a cute floral pencil case from Sportsgirl (please ignore the marks on it as I’ve had it for a couple of years).

Writing Pens:
Another obvious essential as writing pens are a must for writing out notes at school, whether it’s in black or blue pen (as you can see I prefer black). Red pens are great for underlining, ruling up margins or columns and even writing if you need a colour change. These pens were from Officeworks as the writing pens from Aldi don’t last very long from my personal experience.

You never know when a pencil and eraser will come in handy, particularly in maths or art, and it is definitely a necessity for any school student.

Definitely needed to make sure the lead in the pencils are the perfect shape for easy writing or drawing. I bought this from Kmart a long time ago which is why it looks quite dirty.

Whether it’s drawing up columns or margins, underlining or simply measuring something less than 30cm, a ruler is a very useful item for a school student. This one was also bought from Kmart a while ago and is wooden because of the environmental aspect and the toughness of the ruler.

Needed to stick in loose sheets to create a more organised exercise book or in occasional crafty tasks.

Great for trimming worksheets and assisting in occasional crafty tasks. I got this particular pair of scissors at the beginning of high school in a Year 7 starter pack but you could definitely get a pair from Officeworks or Aldi.

If you ever make a mistake with a pen and don’t want to cross it out and ruin the neatness of your book, then you need whiteout. You can simply drag it across the mistake and it is covered in a layer of white tape that sticks to the page, allowing you to write over it to correct the mistake.

Mostly used in maths, a calculator is essential for school to solve equations in seconds whether it’s simple addition or harder trigonometry that involves using the multiple features that this calculator has. This calculator is called the Casio Plus 2 which is the required calculator at my school and is the main one sold at Aldi and Officeworks (also, because I’ve been using this since Year 7 the numbers have kind of faded but you can guess what they are).

From my knowledge this is only sold at Officeworks (which is where I got it from) but it is such a useful stencil so I definitely recommend buying one if you are doing/or are planning on doing maths in senior years. It is used to easily draw shapes, measure angles/distances, graph parabolas and so much more!

Good for highlighting key points in texts or drawing attention to areas in your notes that you need to focus on or remember. With different coloured highlighters you can really get creative in organising your work and make studying and learning slightly more fun.

Coloured Pens:
Similar to the highlighters, these different coloured pens are nice to change up your work a bit to make it more interesting or draw attention to parts of your notes. I’m not sure where these pens are from as they were gifted to me but you can get coloured pens from most stationary shops such as Officeworks.

A4 exercise books:
These are obviously to write my notes in for each subject which everyone who attends school should get (unless you are using loose leaf paper). I got two 128 page books for each subject except for art and one 128 page book each for maths extension and english extension (I only do them for half the time of the other subjects). If you couldn’t tell, the purple books are grid for maths whereas the green books are regular lined for every other subject.

Art Book (only if you’re an art student):
Because I am doing art this year I need an A3 blank paged book rather than a regular A4 exercise book to make it easier to stick in all the theory sheets I will receive and to sketch or experiment with art equipment in my book.

A5 Study Books:
These little books are for my home studying to prepare myself for a test, as I will have all the relevant notes or practice essays in it to reflect on. I think this is a good way to prepare for a test and to just in general have all the key points for each subject all in one place.

For senior study, to make it easier to have access to books and take some of the weight off our shoulders, everyone carries a binder with all their books and worksheets in it. I really like this idea as I can organise my binder nicely and can personalise it as well as being able to stick my timetable on it in the front to see at all times.

Plastic Sleeves:
These are to put in my binder to hold all the worksheets for each subject that I don’t want to stick in or are double-sided and therefore awkward to stick in. Plus they are useful to carry around when I need to hand in an assignment that I want to keep in good condition.

I bought this diary from Typo to keep track of all the homework and tests/assignments that I will receive this year. During the day I can easily write down what homework needs to be done for each subject and when it’s due, or put in a test or assignment date to make sure I properly prepare myself for that.

This bag is a great size to fit in my pencil cases, lunch, water bottle, laptop, weather essentials such as umbrella, portable charger and just general beauty products that I want to put in my school bag. This bag is from Kmart and because it is black it is very simple and kind of chic.

“Spares” Pencil Case:
I keep another pencil case in the bottom of my bag containing spare stationary items in case I run out halfway through the day. This particularly includes whiteout, glue and pens as they usually stop working randomly and need replacing as soon as possible.

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