Christmas Celebrations 2017

December 28, 2017

Christmas Eve:

On the night before Christmas I treated myself to a hot bath and dropped in a Twilight bath bomb from Lush into my bathtub. I had such a relaxing time and it was the perfect way to get myself ready for Christmas.

Next, I watched all my favourite YouTubers’ vlogmas videos (if you didn’t know, vlogmas is where a person on YouTube posts a vlog; video blog, every day of December up until Christmas) that were the most recent. Unfortunately, because I live in Australia and most of the YouTubers I watch are in England, they are a day behind from my perspective meaning that I couldn’t finish their vlogmases before Christmas 🙁

After that I started a 1000 piece puzzle with my family as I felt like a challenge. This puzzle is titled the world’s most beautiful jigsaw puzzle in the world and I luckily got it from Salvos for a cheap price. We finished the whole edge of the puzzle and then decided to go to bed.

Before sleeping I read ‘Mrs Scrooge’ which is a small Christmas book I was given by my nana. It was the perfect story to read on the night before Christmas and the storyline was quite interesting.

Christmas Day:

I woke up early to open my stocking filled with presents, including gardening items, a personalised mug and the new Taylor Swift album ‘Reputation’. My family and I had breakfast together; crepes with golden syrup, and then gave and received all the presents that were put under the tree. I won’t bore you with all the gifts I got but my favourite presents were tickets to Ed Sheeran because he is an amazing singer and Niomi Smart’s vegan cookbook ‘Eat Smart’ as she is one of my favourite YouTubers and in the future I want to become a vegan so the cookbook will be very helpful.

We continued the puzzle whilst listening to the cds we all received and starting trying on, reading, eating and, in general, using our new belongings from Christmas. Later on we all assisted in the making of Christmas dinner and setting of the table. We had sweet corn on the cob, tons of roasted potatoes, vegetarian toad-in-the-hole (vegetarian sausage rolls in Yorkshire puddings) with gravy, salmon wellington for the non-vegetarians of my family and a refreshing drink that my dad and I made (lemon & lime bitters and lemonade with chopped up strawberries and mint). It was a very filling, delicious meal and I was very happy with how everything turned out.

To end the day, we all watched a movie together called ‘The Edge of Tomorrow’. Although it wasn’t festive, it was still enjoyable to watch on the night of Christmas because of its creative storyline and well-known cast.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday 🙂

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