Festive Decorations

December 21, 2017

Christmas is 4 days away and I thought it would be appropriate to share with you how my house is decorated for Christmas. My family and I don’t go full out with decorations but we definitely make an effort to make our house look and feel festive with a Christmas tree, lights, stockings, cards and ornaments.

Christmas Tree:

A Christmas tree is the best and main festive decoration for anyone who is celebrating Christmas. My family and I get a real Christmas tree in a pot so we can hopefully keep growing it until next Christmas and maybe even the Christmas after that! This tree is about one metre (excluding the pot) and was bought from my local IGA for a special price of $50 (which is really good considering it is a real tree and it is alive in a pot). I absolutely love the smell of real Christmas trees and they are a lot better for the environment than plastic ones. My family and I never have a theme for our tree, we simply collect random coloured ornaments/baubles and assort them onto the tree but I think it still looks really nice.


Every year at the beginning of December, we put up a large set of different coloured lights that we got from Aldi. There are red, yellow, green and blue lights that turn on and off in different combinations to create cool effects. I find having a set of lights that are only put up around Christmas time really gets me in the Christmas mood when they are turned on at night. Overall, I really love having these 20m lights up in my living room and they perfectly accompany the Christmas tree.


My sisters and I each have a stocking to be filled on the night before Christmas, as well as Jedi who actually has two! Jedi’s are hanging on the wall above his bed and my sisters and I put ours on the end of our beds on the night before Christmas. Generally, stockings are nice to have personalised or to hang up anywhere around the house, plus they are useful to have Christmas presents in them.


Every year my family and I receive sweet Christmas cards from our overseas family which we put onto the ledge near our dining room table. I also put on display the cards I was given by my friends in my room. This is a good way to create a lovely aura during the festive season and to display meaning to your family.


Christmas ornaments are perfect to put on display at Christmas time anywhere in your house. I have an angel and a snow globe on my bedside table which I think are so cute and subtly festive. Christmas ornaments are so easy to buy this time of year and look so effective as decorations in any house.

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