Small Christmas Gift Ideas

December 14, 2017

It’s finally Christmas time, in fact there is less than two weeks to go!! Everyone is hurrying to get the perfect presents for friends and family, although it can sometimes be difficult to think of ideas of what to get for these people. I decided to share with you a list of ideas for small Christmas gifts which will hopefully help you this festive season if you are stuck with what to get people.

Little Christmas Ornaments:

If you really want to give someone a Christmas-related gift, Christmas ornaments are the way to go. Little baubles, snow globes or festive decorations are really nice as presents for friends or family because of their usefulness and cuteness at Christmas time.

Personalised Card:

Friends and family are sure to love a personalised card from you as it will give them happiness and love at Christmas. Even though it doesn’t cost much to buy a pack of Christmas cards, it will mean a lot if you take the time to write a sweet message particularly for a person.

Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights are great for anyone and such a cute gift to get someone at Christmas. I got these fairy lights from my friend as a Christmas present and I absolutely love the pastel colours, plus they are really good to put up anywhere in my room.

Something from The Body Shop:

The Body Shop has limited edition scents at Christmas time which are perfect to gift to people. I got these items from my friends and the scents Vanilla Chai and Frosted Berries are so gorgeous.

Christmas Book:

This gift is great if you know your friend or family member is really into Christmas as every time they read it they will instantly feel festive. My nana sent me this little book, which I haven’t read yet, but I think it is super cute and a really good present idea for Christmas.


Chocolate is the obvious choice for a present as practically everyone loves it and you can get so many different types. Giving someone a box of chocolates or simply just a bar of their favourite chocolate is definitely going to make them happy when they eat it at Christmas time.


Everybody loves lighting candles at this time of year and you can get so many great Christmas scents. Small candles or tea lights are such a good gift to give someone as a small Christmas present.


A small perfume like the one above is a really nice present to give someone for Christmas. I received this perfume as a Secret Santa present last year and I found it to be very sweet and useful because of its scent and size.

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