Tips for Growing Beetroots

November 30, 2017

My beetroot plants have been growing amazingly and are almost ready to be pulled out of the ground and eaten. This is probably the most successful I’ve ever been with growing plants as practically all the beetroots I have planted are still alive and growing really well. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some tips for growing beetroots which will hopefully help you if you are starting out.

Beetroot plants require a lot of water in order to achieve the juicy flavour that makes them taste delicious, so it is important to water them constantly and consistently. I water my beetroot plants everyday after school and, using either a hose or watering can, fill them with water until the top starts to flood. When watering, aim to water the base of the plant rather than the leaves as the roots will take in the water. Also, I recommend having a hole in the bottom of the pot to let out excess water.

Beetroot plants obviously expand when they are growing to become the perfect size for eating so it is likely that they could start to poke out above the soil before it is time for harvesting. This is easily fixable, simply get some soil and add a new layer of soil, making sure the beetroot is definitely covered and won’t poke out for a while. When you are doing this, hold all the stalks/leaves upright so they don’t get buried with soil unnecessarily.

Sometimes the stalks/leaves start to die or turn brown, indicating that the plant requires more or less water or sunlight. Try to figure out the right amount of water by experimenting with adding less or more water for a while and seeing the results. Similarly, if your plants are in direct sunlight and the stalks/leaves start turning brown, try putting them in a shadier spot and see if that makes a difference. If the stalks/leaves turn brown don’t be afraid to take them off (only if they are definitely dead) as it is more beneficial for the plant to remove them.

Be patient and don’t give up!:
Unfortunately, plants don’t grow overnight and usually need several months to be fully developed and edible. It is very important to be patient and not harvest the beetroots straight away even though they might seem ready. Also, don’t forget to regularly water them and if they start to show signs of dying don’t give up yet as it might just be an adjustment or need for a change.

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