My Skincare Routine

November 2, 2017

Having a skincare routine that is completed regularly is really important in obtaining clear, healthy skin on your face. You can use alot of products for your routine but I only have a couple of staple ones that I believe are essential for everyone. They are all from the same brand, Sukin, which is a brand that I absolutely love. Their ingredients are organic, natural and free from any harmful components as well as feels and smells really good on your skin. Personally, I think that these products actually work very well and I have noticed that it has allowed my pimples to decrease or not be as prominent and overall makes my skin feel really soft and nice to look at.

Foaming Facial Cleanser:

I put this product on my face every night and it is good for removing dirt and toxins on your face.

I apply it by wetting my hands with warm water, squirting a pea sized amount of the cleanser and creating a lather in my hands. Then I rub the product all over my face, particularly focusing on areas with pimples or a lot of dirt.

After leaving the cleanser on my face for a couple of minutes, I wash it off with hot water and then remove all the water on my face with a towel.

Facial Moisturiser:

I also out this product in my face every night and, as the name suggests, it is good for moisturising your face for a more healthy, soft face.

I apply it after I have used the Foaming Facial Cleanser by squeezing a small amount onto my hand and dotting it on my face (the amount is entirely up to you depending on your skin type or personal preference).

Next, I rub the moisturiser into my face and create an equal amount to all parts of my face. If you wish or if you accidentally pour too much moisturiser, you can also rub it into your neck and/or the top of your chest as it provides as a good moisturiser for those body parts too.

Detoxifying Clay Masque:

I put on this face mask about once every couple of months and it is perfect for removing dirt and providing moisture to your face.

I pick up some of the product with my finger and smear it all over my face, aiming to create an even layer of the green mask.

I leave it on for about 15 minutes and after this time the mask has become quite hard and tight on my face which is perfectly normal for a face mask.

To take it off I use warm water, which I wash onto my face to remove the mask. I use a towel to wash off the excess mask and water on my face, leaving soft skin on my face from wearing the face mask.

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