DIY Bookmarks

August 3, 2017

Bookmarks are very useful in keeping your page whilst reading but they can be forgotten or just never bought resulting in the use of memory or the folding of page corners. To avoid ruining your books or wasting time remembering, here are three different types of bookmarks that you can easily make yourself.

Here are two examples of using shapes on bookmarks and I think they both look really nice, especially considering how easy they were to make. I just simply cut out a piece of coloured cardboard into whatever size bookmark I wanted, drew and cut out whatever coloured shapes I wanted and glued them on in whatever arrangement I wanted! If you want to make these yourself, make sure to erase any pencil used to draw the shapes or flip them over so it isn’t visible and maybe use some stencils if you want your shapes to look better.

Quotes are so lovely to have all around the place, being inspirational, and what better place to have them than every time you open your book. I found this quote very easily by searching up ‘reading quotes’ and looking through all the images until I found one I liked. Then, using coloured pens, I wrote it out in cursive and added a book at the bottom to fill in the empty space. It was so quick to make, it took me less than five minutes, but it looks so perfect for putting in a book.

This bookmark was quite time consuming but I’m happy with how it turned out as all the different patterns go very well together. I used black pen to mark out separate rectangles and then filled them with different coloured patterns. Even though in the end I managed to draw different patterns for each rectangle, I really struggled to think of different ones which is why I searched up ‘patterns’ for inspiration, which was really helpful. Another pattern bookmark idea could be to draw mandalas (go to my ‘Mandalas’ post for information on them or inspiration) which would look really effective if a lot of detail is added.

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  • Madison Taylor August 23, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    I love the quote: “Reading is dreaming with open eyes.” Never heard of that phrase before! 🙂 and the patterned bookmark looks so colorful! Hope you’ve been enjoying the summer!

    • Keeley August 24, 2017 at 7:49 am

      I love that quote too! Thanks Madison 🙂 It’s actually winter over here but I can’t wait for summer, hope you are enjoying it while it lasts xx

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