Indoor Plants

July 20, 2017

Indoor plants can make you feel calm and refreshing as well as creating a positive aura in your home. They have so many health benefits including reducing carbon dioxide levels, reducing levels of certain pollutants and overall improving air quality around your house. I absolutely love indoor plants and currently have 4 in my house but I really want to get more. I’ll probably make another post when I do get more but for now here are the indoor plants that are in my house right now. Also, these plants are all from Aldi but you can get similar ones from gardening centres/shops all year round.

Bird’s Nest Fern:
This plant goes nicely on my white tray table and I love its texture. When I first saw it I found it kind of looked like seaweed, which I thought would be perfect for my beach-themed room. It is very easy to maintain, I’ve only watered it once since I got it many months ago, and doesn’t need that much sunlight meaning it’s perfect for indoors.

I love the tropical effect this plant has and it looks really good next to a staircase in my house. It is quite tall and with the gorgeous pot it creates a very nice appearance. It’s fairly low maintenance and requires a bit of sunlight so it’s probably best near a window.

Cardamon Ginger:
This plant goes very nicely in my main bathroom as it produces a ginger fragrance that fills the whole room, making it smell good. It has been repotted into a black pot from Aldi that came in a pack of 4, which is why the Cardamon Ginger and Peace Lily’s pots look the same. Once again it’s very easy to maintain and needs little sunlight.

Peace Lily:
The white flowers that grow on this plant are beautiful but unfortunately, because it’s winter, there are no flowers at the moment. It’s a good size and goes nicely on a large coffee table or side table. This plant probably needs the most sunlight and water out of all of these indoor plants but still doesn’t require too much.

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