How to Make the Most of the School Holidays

July 13, 2017

Currently, I have been enjoying 2 weeks of holidays (also called a break or vacation in other countries) and I’ve actually made an effort to spend these 2 weeks productively, rather than staying in my pjs, eating junk food and watching Netflix all day like I’ve done in past holidays. I’m actually so proud of what I’ve accomplished in this time and how I’ve motivated myself to complete tasks so I thought I’d share with you some tips on how to make the most of the holidays. Also I’m really sorry that I wrote so much as I was trying to make my post longer rather than writing practically nothing like I usually do and I went a bit overboard but let me know in the comments of you want me to write as much as this on most of my posts or not.

Make Lists:

Lists are so fun to write and can make you feel so much more organised about your life as all the tasks you need to complete are in one, neat place rather than stressing you out inside your head. Also, whenever I write lists it always motivates me to complete them as I hate seeing an unfinished list and it’s so satisfying when everything has been ticked off and completed. You can either write them down on a pretty notepad/notebook or type them up on your phone in notes/reminders or on a list app such as Microsoft To-Do (which is actually an amazing app for lists as you can make lists with other people, create sub tasks and notes for each task etc.). For the holidays I’d suggest making multiple lists about the different areas you want to complete, for example hobbies, cleaning/chores, homework (if you have a lot of it) etc. but it all depends on what tasks you actually want to do in your holidays as it differs for every person.


If you are unfortunate enough to get homework that needs to be completed in the holidays then I highly recommend completing it on the first day of the holidays! There is nothing worse than being on the last day of holidays and realising you have homework due on the first day of school and it hasn’t been completed as this just adds unnecessary stress and annoyance as you had so much time to complete it but didn’t. I know it can be really annoying to do on the first day of the holidays as you just want to relax after being at school for ten weeks but doing it while you are somewhat in the school mood will make you feel even more relaxed

Create a Routine:

This is kind of similar to ‘make lists’ but another great thing to do is create a routine. This could be for your whole day or just a few hours and could be completed everyday or every second day in the holidays depending on what the routine is. If you want you could even write down the time that you want to complete a task in the routine as this will motivate you to not get behind feel even more organised. Another thing you could do is have a task in your routine to complete one thing from a certain list which means you have allocated time to complete your lists, increasing the chance that they will actually be completed.

Finally, I could say this for lists and routines but don’t create too many tasks! I know you might have a lot of things that you want to do but it’s better to write only the most important things first and add other things to it later once those have been completed. This is because you could get to a point where there is no way you are going to complete all the tasks and you could actually just give up instead of only finishing what you do have time to finish. It’s better to create a routine that is concise and you know you will definitely be able to complete no matter how many times you have to repeat it in the holidays.

Buy and Eat Healthy Food:

The holidays can be where you eat the worst food ever and tell yourself it’s fine because it’s the holidays but don’t get into this trap! Save eating junk food for parties and hanging out with friends which you are going to do in the holidays and eat healthily while you are at home. I used to eat so badly in the holidays but I decided to try being healthy in these holidays and it made me feel so much better about myself and actually motivated me to be productive as I felt like I was on a roll for doing good things. If you think you’ll find this hard, when you are at the shops buying food for the holidays make sure to only buy healthy things that you know you could eat as you won’t be able to eat junk food if it isn’t in your house

Organise Things with Friends:

Sometimes it can be so much easier to just stay in your house and not socialise instead of going out and doing something with friends but I guarantee that you won’t regret it. If you ask your friends in the first couple of days of the holidays then they will be more likely to be free as they haven’t organised anything else and have plenty of time to get ready for it. Try to see as many friends as possible but also allow yourself time to relax as you don’t want being with your friends to be a chore rather than a fun time. Also if you organise for friends to come over to your house it will motivate you to clean your room and other areas of the house that they’ll see which is guaranteed to make you do something productive (unless you don’t care that your friends will see your messy room/house but I certainly do!).

Get Dressed and Go Outside:

I used to spend my entire holidays in my pjs (I’d literally shower and get back into my pjs) and refuse to go outside because of this. I don’t care if you get dressed and only walk to your bins, put something in them and walk back inside, just get dressed and go outside! Just getting dressed and making yourself look decent makes a massive difference to your mindset and can motivate you to do things. Going outside is refreshing and really good for you, especially if you go to a nice scenery or on walks/runs. If you have some friends that are available I highly recommend going to a nice scenery with them or go on walks/runs with them as walking and talking with friends is really enjoyable (you could also go with your dog if you have one as they love walks and it’s very good for them).

Try Something New:

As a part of your lists or routine add something new as the holidays is a perfect time to try it out. Whether it’s playing a new instrument, trying out a new beauty product or starting a new hobby trying new things are fun to do and can be very positive in your life. One of my new things for these holidays was straightening my hair as I was given a hairbrush straightener from my dad and hadn’t really touched it since then as it was new to me and I just never really found the time for it. But I found it recently and decided to try it out in the holidays as I had heaps of time to figure it out and use it. In the end it was pretty good although I underestimated how long it was going to take so I didn’t have time to fully straighten it so my hair was still kind of wavy but it was a good experience and I’m excited to use it again.


After being productive for a while it can really drain you so make sure to have a balance between hanging out with friends, doing hobbies or chores and relaxing. Relaxing could be anything from scrolling through social media on your phone, sleeping, playing a game on your computer, watching TV/YouTube/Netflix etc. but it’s important to not get addicted or do from one relaxing activity to the next. I’d suggest as a part of your routine setting aside time for relaxing or have one day for relaxing every second day or something along those lines as at the end of the day it is your holidays and they are made for you to have a break.

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