May 24, 2017

Mandalas are my absolute favourite things to draw. They are really easy for anyone to do and they look so cool, especially if lots of detail is added. This post will show you what they look like and give you tips on how to draw them, hope you enjoy!

– start with a simple shape (star, circle etc.)
– add as much detail and colour as possible, it makes it look better
– if you make a mistake either colour in that area and symmetrical areas or add alot of detail so your eye isn’t drawn there
– if you think you will make a lot of mistakes draw in pencil or copy mine or someone’s from the internet to get a feel for drawing them
– if you are stuck for pattern ideas take typical patterns and change them up a bit (don’t just draw semi-circles, draw semi-circles with smaller semi-circles in it, basically a rainbow)
– drawing mandalas in the corner of a page is actually harder than the full circles as the pattern usually ends up crooked
– any size is fine so if you can’t or don’t want to think of any more patterns to add to it just draw petals and you’re done!

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