Thailand Trip 2017 – Part 1

April 29, 2017

I’m really sorry for not posting the last two times but I thought I should just relax in Thailand and worry about blogging about it afterwards. Also, as you can tell by the title, I’m doing it in a few parts as there is a lot to say and it will give me more time to do it (I’ve been really busy getting ready for school beginning again and all the assignments that are due in week 2)

So on the morning of the 15th of April I was packed and ready to leave the house. We all said goodbye to mum and Jedi and hopped into a minibus. We picked up another family on the way that were coming with us (our family friends) and then went to Sydney Airport.

After a 9 hour flight we were in Phuket and I realised it was very humid. We took a minibus to the Katathani Beach resort which was the 4.5 star rating resort we were staying at for the 10 days. When we arrived they served us lychee juice and wet towels and kindly took our bags to our rooms. Our rooms were amazing and I felt so excited to be staying and sleeping in them for the holiday. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take any photos of the rooms but I’m sure they have photos on their website (we stayed in the junior suites).

In the morning we went to the breakfast buffet and it was wonderful. They had basically everything you could think of for breakfast including waffles, eggs, pancakes and even a chocolate fountain!

We spent most of the first day in the water; first in the ocean and then in the many pools. The ocean was a beautiful colour and you could occasionally see fish swimming around you.

The pools were nice as there were so many for different activities. There was a peace pool for relaxing, a joy pool for playing around in (it was mainly filled with kids), one with a slide and many more (there was 10 in total!) We spent most of our time in the peace and joy pools as they were directly in front of our rooms and were great whether you wanted to be relaxed or energetic.

We also went to the ‘Coconut Bar’ which was the bar for the resort. I enjoyed drinking mocktails, especially the blue raspberry and the shirley temple, and it was so perfect to drink them right in front of a beautiful beach.

We spent the Sunday relaxing at the resort as well and then on Monday we decided to go shopping to check out the big shopping centre they had in the central area of Phuket. We got lunch at this amazing place that served your food almost straight away and my whole meal, including desert and drink, was less than $20! (I’m sorry I forgot the name)

Then we went to H & M which was practically the same as the Australian stores (it was a tourist shopping centre) and then we thought it would be better to go to the little Thai markets they had all around the place as we couldn’t go to them in Australia. I bought these cute hot pink elephant-patterned shorts with pom poms from one of them for $4 and I love them so much!

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