Jessica Mauboy Concert

April 9, 2017

On Friday I was lucky enough to see Jessica Mauboy in concert as my dad had gotten Magali and I tickets for our birthday the previous year. The concert started at 7:30pm but we had to get ready, eat and get there so at about 4:30pm I started getting ready. At 5pm I had put on my clothes, accessories and makeup and so we made our way to the train station.

After a long train journey, we made it to Town Hall and then walked to the ICC to see where it was so we wouldn’t get lost later. It was about 7:00pm when we had finally decided on something to eat; Magali got sushi and I got gozleme. A couple of minutes before 7:30pm we walked to the ICC but there was no need to rush as the first half an hour or so was Isaiah Firebrace who, even though was an amazing singer, we could afford to miss a little bit of. After we had gotten in and found our seats we watched Isaiah sing. He asked everyone to turn their phone lights on and it looked really cool. He was a wonderful singer and sounded a bit like Guy Sebastian actually.

At 8:15pm it was time for Jessica Mauboy to take the stage. It began with a slideshow of how she became famous and then she ran onto stage to sing ‘Can I get a moment?’. It was a great way to start the night and my first concert! She then proceeded to sing a lot of her other famous songs with different outfits and backdrops. At one point she started talking about her life before she became famous and the songs she had sung and made up then. This was followed by her singing them and they were all so short and sweet.

To end she sang ‘I believe’ and told everyone to follow their dreams which was a beautiful way to end. She was such an amazing singer and it was a great first concert experience. We went to the home straight away and at 12:00am I went to bed. Thanks Jessica for a wonderful night! ❤

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