The Sad Truth about Humanity

March 15, 2017

Recently I followed an account on Instagram called societyfeelings and I was surprised at how deep all of their posts were. I thought that I would share some of my favourites with you and rant about how they are the sad truth about humanity. Comment if you agree or wish to add to my thoughts.

Why are humans the only species that feel the need to create non-biodegradable substances and litter them everywhere?! No one likes picking up rubbish or seeing it in a nice scenery and hopefully no one likes animals choking on it either so why!?! Recently it was Clean Up Australia Day and a lot of my classmates kept complaining about picking up rubbish and yet they are the ones that litter. If only they would just walk the two metres it takes to put their rubbish in the bin.

This is so true! People seem to forget that trees are the one’s keeping us alive and that they are essential in sustaining the planet. Destroying football fields of forests in seconds is terrible and we should be making an effort to prevent this. If only people could register that TREES ARE IMPORTANT!

How sad is this?! People spend their whole lives trying to get more and more money and never stop to think that it doesn’t really make you happy and it isn’t the most important thing in the world. Sure we can get things that make us happy with money but what some things people will do for money is terrible and what money could and will buy can be horrific.

I find this so sad but true. Humans always have a way of ruining things to make it suited to them. In this example the tree, as I have said before, is important to produce oxygen and it also provides a home for many birds but humans have chopped it down to make a birdhouse for one bird only and it just sits there. As well as this, the birdhouse has a price tag on it meaning that it is going to be sold for money. This reinforces what I said before about what terrible things money can buy, in this case the killing of a tree and destruction of habitats.

This is very relevant to nowadays as people are on technology most of the time and don’t stop to live in the moment and experience life! It’s fine to be on technology sometimes and maybe at a nice scenery take a few pictures but enjoy the view as well and never chose technology over anything worthy of watching or experiencing.

Hope you enjoyed my rants and please know that I’m not perfect and probably do some of these things (especially the last one) but I try not to.

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  • Sarah March 16, 2017 at 8:06 pm

    LOVE this Keeley! I agree so much x

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