March 5, 2017

I absolutely love candles! The scents, colours, shapes and even the candle holders are so aesthetically pleasing and have made me collect quite a few candles and candle holders. I’m not going to show pictures of the candles lit as my camera can’t capture the flame probably but I’m sure you could imagine what they look like. Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments 🙂

This candle (the one on the left) is probably my favourite as it has a purple and white blend in colour and smells like lavender. The glass jar is simple but elegant and the candle itself is big so it will last a long time. Unfortunately I don’t know where this candle is from as I got it as a present a long time ago but there are probably similar ones at any candle shop.

I love this candle as it smells like frangipanis and has a nice cream colour. The packaging and glass jar is cute as well. I got this as a present not too long ago and it is from Rubi Shoes but I don’t know if they still sell it.

The actual candle in this holder is from a friend and I’ve forgotten what the scent is but it’s probably some ocean scent. I made the candle holder in art class about two years ago and it is supposed to be a starfish candle holder.

This blue one was from some cheap shop so it is just an ordinary candle. It doesn’t really have a scent and it came with this glass holder which is perfect for it.

I absolutely love how this candle is in the shape of a shell! My sister gave it to me as a Christmas present and she bought it at Hawks Nest. The colour is very pretty and it suits my room, which is beach themed, very well.

Vanilla is probably my favourite scent for a candle, even though it is really original, so I had to buy this little candle (on the right) from Aldi. It is an easy size to move around and was really cheap as it was from Aldi. I think it’s just a great candle.

This candle holder has a plain tea light candle in it but it doesn’t need to be extravagant as the candle holder is mainly what you look at. The candle holder was from The Body Shop and it came with the watermelon lip balm that I have. Unfortunately they don’t sell it anymore but you can find lantern-like candle holders at most homeware stores.

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