My Dog Jedi

February 4, 2017

My family and I got Jedi sometime in July 2016. He came from a shelter and, sadly, had a terrible upbringing but that didn’t stop him from being a goofy, adorable dog that we couldn’t help loving.

He is a kelpie mixed, but no one is entirely sure what he is mixed with. We’re pretty sure he has some german shepherd in him though as he is really fast and you can see it in his appearance.

The carer from the shelter said he was around two years old but they weren’t exactly sure as the previous owner didn’t care enough to treat Jedi right, let alone keep track of how old he was. Due to this we thought it would be a good opportunity to give him a new birthday and what better date than May the Fourth!

Late last year, my family and I took Jedi to the beach for the first time and he loved running up and down the beach playing with other dogs but he absolutely hated the water. Even when three other dogs were swimming in the waves he refused to follow them even though playing with other dogs is his favourite thing to do. We all tried to encourage him by going in as well but whenever a wave came he tried his hardest to run away from it, which sometimes resulted in him knocking us over.

Although Jedi had a horrible start to life he is a lot better now and has settled down into our home. The only struggle now is getting him to survive in 40 degree heat with a black coat of fur!

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