Thailand Trip – Part 2

May 4, 2017

On the Tuesday we continued relaxing at the resort and found this bar called ‘The Stone Bar’ which became our favourite place to go at night. It had all types of drinks, a pool table and…


Thailand Trip – Part 1

April 29, 2017

I’m really sorry for not posting the last two times but I thought I should just relax in Thailand and worry about blogging about it afterwards. Also, as you can tell by the title, I’m doing…


Packing for Thailand

April 14, 2017

As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I’m going to Thailand tomorrow and I can’t wait! I thought it would be a good idea to share with you what I’m packing as there…


Jessica Mauboy Concert

April 9, 2017

On Friday I was lucky enough to see Jessica Mauboy in concert as my dad had gotten Magali and I tickets for our birthday the previous year. The concert started at 7:30pm but we had to…


Deep, Inspiring Thoughts

March 15, 2017

Recently I followed an account on Instagram called societyfeelings and I was surprised at how deep all of their posts were. I thought that I would share some of my favourites with you and rant about…