Spring Flowers

September 14, 2017

Spring has just begun and I have noticed many of the beautiful flowers have started to bloom. I absolutely love the variety of flowers that grow around my house and decided to take photos of them…


Newspaper Art – Coaster

August 31, 2017

Coasters are very useful at preventing stains on surfaces but they can be quite expensive, especially if you want to get nice looking ones. Newspaper coasters are super easy to make and actually look really nice…


How to get the Splits

August 24, 2017

I decided to make an individual post for doing the splits as I found out some more split stretches/ways to get the splits and I wanted to go into detail on how to get them. Before…



August 3, 2017

Bookmarks are very useful in keeping your page whilst reading but they can be forgotten or just never bought resulting in the use of memory or the folding of page corners. To avoid ruining your books…