My 17th Birthday

November 27, 2018

It was my 17th birthday on Friday the 16th of November which I obviously shared with my twin sister, Magali. I’m posting it now because we only just had our party on Saturday due to November being a busy time of the year for ourselves and our friends but I still wanted to share my 17th birthday experience with you guys 🙂

On the Day:

Sadly, because my birthday was on a Friday this year, I had school but all of the wishes of ‘happy birthday’ made it a lot better. After school, I went shopping with my mum and as part of her present she paid for a couple of things I wanted plus hot chips! Later on, once the chips had settled, my family and I went out to dinner where I drank an iced chocolate and ate a pizza. When we came back we ate the cake that my sister had made for Magali and I and it was really delicious and looked really nice. Throughout the day, Magali and I got lovely phone calls from our relatives (they all live overseas) and such sweet cards and presents which I’m very grateful for.

My Party:

On Saturday, Magali and I had a small dinner with our friends to celebrate our 17th birthday which was such a wonderful experience. We went to a Thai restaurant where I shared a vegetable and tofu pad Thai and deserts of roti with ice cream and deep fried ice cream with Magali and got an apple juice for a drink. It was a great time to catch up with friends whilst enjoying a delicious meal.

My Presents:

Here are all of the presents I got from my birthday which I’m showing because I’m so very grateful for my kind family and friends and I also enjoy to read and watch other people’s blog posts and videos about their presents, so I hope you enjoy mine 🙂 Along with what is shown in the photos, my parents super sweetly paid for the whole dinner with my friends, I got some vegan and regular chocolate which I’ve already mostly eaten and some money.

Mandarin Energising Face Mist from The Body Shop

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb by Lush

Pink Scrunchie

Pink Bag from Rubi

Vanilla Candle from Supré

Notebook from Kmart

‘The Raven Boys’ Book

’A Simple Favour’ Book

Photo in a frame from a photo shoot with Verve Photography

Fairy Lights

Wall Art


Pink Shirt from Supré

Powder from The Body Shop


Please note that I can’t insert hyperlinks at the moment so I’m sorry if you want to easily find any of these products (and also I don’t know where a lot of them are from).

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