FAQs for Vegetarians/Vegans

May 18, 2018

There are so many questions that I have been asked as a vegetarian that are similar and typical questions that most vegetarians/vegans get asked at some point in their life. I thought it would be a good idea to answer most of them (the first couple of questions are genuine questions and answers) in a quite funny way to point out how stupid and annoying some of these questions are, so donโ€™t think Iโ€™m trying to be mean, itโ€™s just for fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me know in the comments if youโ€™ve ever gotten asked any of these as a vegetarian/vegan, or if you have any other questions you want me to answer.

Why did you become vegetarian/vegan?

I became vegetarian as I didnโ€™t want to kill animals for food when there are so many other, delicious food options that I can eat without murder.

How do you get enough protein and iron? What foods have protein and iron?

Iโ€™m not entirely sure if I do get enough, especially iron, but there is a high amount of protein in nuts, lentils, beans, chickpeas etc. and a high amount of iron in spinach, kale, lentils, beans etc. Basically itโ€™s good to eat a lot of green vegetables and legumes when youโ€™re a vegetarian/vegan.

If I gave you one million dollars to eat a piece of meat would you?

Yes and then Iโ€™d use the money to stop the slaughtering of animals once and for all, can you give me my million dollars now, thanks.

But bacon!?!

But murder!!

I saw a study that said plants have feelings too so youโ€™re murdering plants.

Firstly, the study says that plants recognise they are being pulled out of the ground or are being picked but they donโ€™t feel pain. Secondly, if I showed you a pig being slaughtered and some strawberries being picked do they both look horrific? And thirdly, at least Iโ€™m actually doing something rather than you who just criticises peopleโ€™s positivity and choices.

Is it ok if I eat meat in front of you?/Sorry, Iโ€™m eating meat for dinner.

I have coped my entire time being a vegetarian with people eating meat around me or watching ads for KFC or something and Iโ€™m just fine. Sure, Iโ€™d prefer if you were vegetarian/vegan but Iโ€™m not gonna make you change your life just for me.

How are you helping animals if you are eating their food?

There is plenty of plant-based food to go around and we can grow these foods at a quicker rate whilst avoiding any cruelty.

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