Life Update: Starting Year 11 and Learning to Drive

February 28, 2018

I’ve never really done a post where I simply chat about what’s been happening in my life in a chill kind of way, so I thought it might be nice considering I pretty much just started Year 11 and I recently got my learner’s permit.

I have had about 5 weeks of school at the moment meaning that I’ve well and truly experienced all of my subjects. The subjects I chose were Mathematics (Maths Advanced), Mathematics Extension 1, English Advanced, English Extension 1, Legal Studies, Society and Culture and Visual Arts. Now I know what you’re thinking; those are some pretty full on subjects, but keep in mind that I want to be an environmental lawyer when I’m older and I am aiming for an ATAR of 97 (ATAR stands for Australian Tertiary Admission Rank and the highest you can get is 99.95 which is super hard to get) so I wanted to pick the highest levels of maths and english as possible for year 11 and I’ll see how I go in terms of what levels I’ll pick for year 12.

I’m finding year 11 so far quite interesting and intriguing as I’m learning about all the subjects that I actually want to learn about because I chose them. Although, the homework load is a lot higher than previous years and it’s especially hard for maths and english as I have them so frequently (as I’m doing 3 units of each). On top of this, all the assessment task or test notifications are being handed out and the due dates are creeping closer and closer but at the moment I feel that I should be able to manage it. But at least all the tests and assignments are on topics that I actually like so it gives me motivation to learn and do well on them.

Also, quite recently, I passed the test to get my learners permit to drive (L’s) and have done about 10 hours of driving now. In order to be able to drive by myself I need to complete 120 hours of driving and achieve certain goals, such as driving on multi-lane roads, which is going to be especially time consuming considering I have a twin who equally wants to drive a lot. My first drive was an hour with an instructor which was very scary at first as I hadn’t driven before and I had to drive alongside a complete stranger, but in the second drive with him it was a lot easier and I drove a lot better. I have also driven with my dad which is more relaxed as I can easily talk to him but it’s hard for him to know what to tell me as what I’m learning to do, he does without thinking about it because he has been driving for so long.

Let me know in the comments how school/work is going for you or tell me about your first driving experience, I’d love to know what’s happening in your life at the moment 🙂

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