Acro Dance Concert + Formal

November 23, 2017

On the weekend, I had my acro dance concert and year 10 formal and because I had such a fun, memorable time at both, I wanted to share my experiences with you guys.

Acro Dance Concert:

If you didn’t already know, I have been doing acrobatics for two years now and at the end of every year I attend a concert where people perform in jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, ballet and acrobatics. So, on Saturday, I had to be at Hillsong Epicentre, in hair, makeup and costume, by 12:30pm for the afternoon performance at 1:30pm. My costume was themed ‘fireworks’ and I think it is really pretty but kind of uncomfortable as the sequins is itchy and the shorts sometimes come up.

Once I got there, my whole class did a warm up together as we were the fourth dance and needed to be ready to do acrobatics. Then we got together backstage for a bit before moving to the wings, to get ready to go on as efficiently as possible. When the lights went off after the last dance we moved onto stage very quickly and took our positions, ready for the lights to turn on and the music to start. I believed I performed pretty well in the first performance and didn’t fail at any tricks (although I wasn’t doing very challenging tricks). Unfortunately, some people at the back struggled to do their tricks as they were too close to the back wall and overall everyone was too far back.

Once I had finished my dance, I had nothing to do for about 3 hours, except watch the other dances on the tv they had set up and eat some food. At the very end, we had to go on for the finale; where they play a song and we skip onto stage, hold hands and bow to the audience. After everyone was on stage, there was a long speech from the owner of the dance company and then trophies are awarded.

After the first show was over at about 4:30pm, my sister, her friend, her friend’s family and I went to McDonald’s and I got a cheese toasty, large chips and large sprite (I didn’t want to eat two much as I was near the beginning of the next performance).

We went back at about 5:45pm for the 6:30pm concert, where I did it all again. I performed just as well in the second concert and once again didn’t really make any mistakes which was good. The second concert ended at about 9:30pm and my family and I went straight home as I was so tired.


On Sunday, I was preparing for my year 10 formal for the whole day, as my sister was braiding my hair to be curly later and I was painting my finger and toe nails. Later on I did my makeup, put in my dress and shoes, took my hair out and put on my jewellery. I was really proud of my makeup (even though you can’t really see it in the photos) as I’m not slowly getting better and better at it.

My twin sister and I were both going so our dad kindly gave us a lift to Jeffrey Wharf in the city. When we got there everyone was taking photos but then it started raining so we had to run under cover. Once the boat came, we carefully walked on (it was really slippery) and took our seats.

At first the security people on the boat were quite harsh and would barely let us leave our seats. Once they let us get our dinner and drinks we could go onto the front or back decks or onto the dance floor. The meal and drinks were very nice and luckily they had a lot of vegetarian options.

For most of the night, my friends and I talked and took photos on the front or back decks. Near the end of the night we went onto the dance floor and dance like no one was watching (it was actually really fun!). Overall it was a really amazing night as I felt beautiful and did enjoyable things with my friends, as well as being on a boat around the really pretty harbour.




Choker (couldn’t find exact necklace on the Lovisa website)

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