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October 19, 2017

I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately (a lot for me anyway) and decided to share with you my purchases and where to buy them, in case you wanted to buy them yourself. All these items are quite random, as in they don’t really go together, but they are all things that I’ve wanted for a while and only just recently gotten.

Blue Sweatpants:
The main reason I bought these from Supre was because at my school in the winter for sports uniform you have to wear navy blue pants to go with the school colours. These sweatpants are also great for pjs and lazy outfits, so if you don’t have any sweatpants at the moment for winter I would highly recommend getting some.

Iphone/Ipad Chargers:
Unfortunately the Apple charger that came with my phone stopped working and I had to get a new one as soon as possible because my iPad and iPhone were not going to last a long time without being charged. Luckily I found a pack of two chargers at The Reject Shop for only $8 so I decided to buy them so now I have two chargers instead of one!

Slides have been a recent fashion trend for comfortable, good-looking shoes and I saw these really pretty ones in Rubi Shoes so I thought I should try them. It turns out that I really like them; they are so easy to put on and wear and the nice floral pattern on them makes them quite stylish.

Lip Liquids:
The Body Shop was having a sale on 2 for $20 (1 is $14) for their new Shine Lip Liquids which I just had to get! The two colours I got, Watermelon Fizz and Strawberry Bonbon, are gorgeous shades of pink that, as the name suggests, shine when you have it on.

Layered Choker:
Another trend that has arisen is the idea of layered necklaces, particularly layered chokers. I saw this stunning gold layered choker in Lovisa and decided to buy it to wear at special occasions. I found that it doesn’t actually look ridiculous on me, in fact it is my new favourite necklace because it is just so beautiful.

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