Year 9 Artworks

October 5, 2017

As you’ve probably guessed, I do visual arts as one of my electives at school for years 9 and 10. I was recently given all of my year 9 artworks back after the art faculty had finished displaying them and I thought I’d share with you all the different artworks I created last year and what the criteria for each one was, as my teacher chose all the requirements for each artwork.

This artwork was based off Howard Arkley’s painting Floriated Residence. I had to take a picture of a house in my neighbourhood and sketch it out on canvas board. I then chose either the warm or cool colour scheme (I chose warm) and created a lot of different reds, oranges, yellows and pinks to fill in all the different parts of the house. I had to paint a couple of parts of the house in some cool colours and some in a coloured patterned that I glued on. To finish the artwork I outlined it in black sharpie.

I really enjoyed creating this artwork because it was fun to make all the different colours and easily colour within the lines. It didn’t take much talent though and I didn’t like how I had to add in some cool colours and patterns but overall I’m happy with how it looks.

This artwork was based off a variety of ceramic cameras done by multiple artists. I picked a camera to work from and used clay to make a generic rectangular prism. I added the lense, camera buttons and other details to create a more realistic looking camera. After they had been fired in the kiln I had to paint the entire thing either salmon pink or light blue (I chose light blue) and add detailing in a darker shade of that colour.

This artwork was quite fun to make and I enjoyed adding on all the little details that made it look slightly more realistic. I didn’t like how I had to paint the whole thing blue, especially considering most of the sculptures that it was based off left theirs white, and unfortunately some clay that was attached on the sides in the shape of a rectangle broke off after going in the kiln.

This artwork was based off Louise Nevelson’s Sky Cathedral. I took a photo of a guitar and printed out the photo. I cut the photo into 5 random strips and rearranged them in a random order to create a basis for an abstract artwork (it’s actually quite hard to create an abstract artwork on a random object with no starting point). Using a variety of different materials such as paddlepop sticks, string and wood, I was able to hot glue them to the ndjfkdj in an arrangement that reflected the mismatched photo. Once I was happy with the design, I painted the whole thing black and spray painted some areas silver. To finish I detailed in some white dots near the silver spray paint.

This is my favourite artwork from year 9 as I love the silver spray paint and white dot detailing and I think the arrangement is quite cool. Going into this unit I thought I would hate creating an abstract artwork but I actually really enjoyed it.

These artworks were based off the architecture of the Art Gallery of NSW. As part of year 9, I went to the Art Gallery of NSW where I explored the exhibitions available to all of the public. Unfortunately, I wasn’t basing the next artworks off artworks in the exhibition, I was basing it off the architecture of the actual art gallery. I found this quite strange but I ended up taking multiple photos of the gallery’s architecture to use for the unit’s artworks. I drew one artwork of the outside of the gallery using charcoal, graphite and other drawing materials onto regular paper. The other artwork was of an entranceway to an exhibition and was etched onto foam and imprinted onto paper using ink.

These artworks were my least favourite as I don’t really like using other materials besides regular pencils for drawing and etching into the foam was quite hard. For the drawing I got the angles completely wrong and because of this it looks very unrealistic and the etching was really messy in general.

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